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Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition (2014) – Lamborghini racing car wallpapers

(Lamborghini Diablo) Diablo GT2Following the success of the Diablo SV-R, Lamborghini decided to enter the Diablo in GT2 class racing. Primarily because of a failed attempt in 1996 to enter the famed GT1 class with the Diablo GT1 Stradale. A new car was developed based on the Diablo SV which later became the basis forContinue reading “Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition (2014) – Lamborghini racing car wallpapers”

Lamborghini Reventon Wallpapers – Lambo Aventador

(Lamborghini Countach) LP400 SIn 1978, a new LP400 S model was introduced. Though the engine was slightly downgraded from the LP400 model at 261 kW (355 PS; 350 hp), the most radical changes were on the exterior, where the tyres were replaced with 345/35R15 Pirelli P7 tyres; the widest tyres available on a production carContinue reading “Lamborghini Reventon Wallpapers – Lambo Aventador”

Lamborghini Diablo- Diablo SV – green cool Lambo wallpapers

The Diablo SV was introduced in 1995 at the Geneva Motor Show, reviving the Super Veloce title first used on the Miura SV. The SV is based on the standard Diablo and thus lacks the four-wheel drive system of the VT. A notable feature of the SV is an increase in power output to 517Continue reading “Lamborghini Diablo- Diablo SV – green cool Lambo wallpapers”

Lamborghini Countach LP500 S – Lamborghini supersports car wallpapers

1982 saw another update to the Countach. This time a bigger, more powerful 4,754 cc (4.8 L) engine. The bodywork was unaltered, however, the interior was given an update. This variant is sometimes called the 5000 S, which may cause confusion with the later 5000 QV. 321 cars were built. huracan car, lamborghini, lamborghini wallpaper,Continue reading “Lamborghini Countach LP500 S – Lamborghini supersports car wallpapers”

Lamborghini Countach-Chassis – green hd Lambo wallpapers

Paolo Stanzani and the Lamborghini engineering team developed an all-steel partial space frame chassis for the LP500 Countach prototype. This prototype chassis was constructed of both a steel sheet and square-section steel tubing, with wall thicknesses between 0.8?1.0 mm (0.031?0.039 in). The front section primarily used stamped and spot-welded sheet steel, with certain areas stiffenedContinue reading “Lamborghini Countach-Chassis – green hd Lambo wallpapers”

The Diablo came better equipped than the Countach – best blue Lambo wallpapers

(Lamborghini Diablo) The Diablo came better equipped than the Countach; standard features included fully adjustable seats and steering wheel, electric windows, an Alpine stereo system, and power steering from 1993 onwards. Anti-lock brakes were not initially available, although they would eventually be used. A few options were available, including a custom-molded driver’s seat, remote CDContinue reading “The Diablo came better equipped than the Countach – best blue Lambo wallpapers”

Lamborghini Huracan – green Lamborghini huracan wallpapers

(Lamborghini Countach) The styling of the Countach was continually altered as new production models were introduced. Later additions?including fender flares, spoilers, carburetor covers and bumpers?progressively changed the Countach body in order to improve the model’s performance, safety and appearance. Despite these updates, the basic shape of the first Countach prototype revealed in 1971 remained virtuallyContinue reading “Lamborghini Huracan – green Lamborghini huracan wallpapers”

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Spyder – best red Lamborghini wallpapers

(Lamborghini LM002) It was finally determined that the engine being mounted in the rear caused too many unfavourable handling characteristics in an offroad vehicle, and the LMA002 was built with an entirely new chassis, moving the engine (now the V12 out of the Lamborghini Countach) to the front. After much testing and altering of theContinue reading “Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Spyder – best red Lamborghini wallpapers”

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 – best Lamborghini Aventador wallpapers

(Lamborghini Diablo) Due to the development of the Murci?lago, the Diablo VT 6.0 was only available in coup? bodystyle with no more roadster or SV models planned; however, customers could specially order a rear-wheel drive version of the VT 6.0. At the end of the Diablo’s production run, the company introduced the limited production DiabloContinue reading “Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 – best Lamborghini Aventador wallpapers”

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Edizione – Lamborghini car wallpapers

(Lamborghini Jalpa) EngineThe Jalpa was fitted with a 3.5 L (210 cu in) double overhead camshaft version of the V8 engine used in the Silhouette on which it was based. The version used in the Jalpa had a power output of 255 hp (190 kW; 259 PS) at 7,000 rpm and 225 lb?ft (305 N?m)Continue reading “Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Edizione – Lamborghini car wallpapers”