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Lamborghini Reventon Wallpapers – Lambo Aventador

(Lamborghini Countach) LP400 S
In 1978, a new LP400 S model was introduced. Though the engine was slightly downgraded from the LP400 model at 261 kW (355 PS; 350 hp), the most radical changes were on the exterior, where the tyres were replaced with 345/35R15 Pirelli P7 tyres; the widest tyres available on a production car at the time, and fiberglass wheel arch extensions were added, giving the car the fundamental look it kept until the end of its production run. An optional V-shaped rear wing was available over the rear deck following the popularity generated from the rear wing of the Walter Wolf Countach, which, while improving high-speed stability, reduced the top speed by at least 16 km/h (10 mph). Most owners ordered the car with the wing despite this disadvantage. The LP400 S’ handling was improved by the wider tyres, which made the car more stable while cornering. Aesthetically, some prefer the slick styling of the original, while others prefer the more aggressive styling of the later models, beginning with the LP400 S. The standard emblems (“Lamborghini” and “Countach”) were kept at the rear, but an angular “S” emblem was added after the “Countach” on the right side. gallardo lamborghini, lamborghini, car wallpaper, Lamborghini Countach wallpapers, gallardo

(Lamborghini Reventon)Lamborghini Revent?n
Debuted in 2007 at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the Lamborghini Revent?n is a modified version of the Murci?lago. The car’s mechanical underpinnings and engine are identical to those of the Murci?lago LP 640. However, the cosmetics are all unique. Interior and exterior styling were inspired by stealth fighter design, taking cues from aircraft such as the F-22 Raptor. Only 21 units were built, of which one was retained by the factory to be exhibited in the Lamborghini museum. Lamborghini also produced 15 units of a roadster version. Lamborghini Reventon wallpapers#SuperCars #SportsCars #LamboHuracan #lamborghini #gallardo


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