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Lamborghini Diablo- Diablo VT Roadster – trending Lambo wallpapers

The Diablo VT Roadster was introduced in December 1995 and featured a electronically operated carbon fibre targa top which was stored above the engine lid when not in use. Besides the roof, the roadster’s body was altered from the fixed-top VT model in a number of ways. The front bumper was revised, replacing the quadContinue reading “Lamborghini Diablo- Diablo VT Roadster – trending Lambo wallpapers”

Lamborghini Diablo – latest supercars wallpapers

In the hands of multiple Australian Drivers’ Champion Paul Stokell, a Diablo GTR run by Team Lamborghini Australia won the 2003 and 2004 Australian Nations Cup Championships. The GTR was also raced by Stokell, Luke Youlden, Peter Hackett and Danish driver Allan Simonsen in the 2003 Bathurst 24 Hour race where after qualifying 6th wouldContinue reading “Lamborghini Diablo – latest supercars wallpapers”

Lamborghini 350 GT In March 1964 – hd Lambo wallpaper

In March 1964, only 5 months after the debut of the GTV in Turin, the “redesigned GTV”?now called the 350 GT?was debuted at the Geneva Auto Show. It was greeted with sufficient enthusiasm that Ferruccio decided to proceed with production in May 1964. lambo huracan, lambo aventador, super car, Lamborghini 350 GT wallpapers, lamborghini urusContinue reading “Lamborghini 350 GT In March 1964 – hd Lambo wallpaper”

Lamborghini Murcielago RG-1 – green Lamborghini supersports wallpaper

(Lamborghini) HistoryManufacturing magnate Italian Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company in 1963 with the objective of producing a refined grand touring car to compete with offerings from established marques such as Ferrari. The company’s first models, such as the 350 GT, were released in the mid 1960s and were noted for their refinement, power and comfort.Continue reading “Lamborghini Murcielago RG-1 – green Lamborghini supersports wallpaper”

Lamborghini Miura 2006 Miura concept – Lamborghini wallpapers night

A Miura concept car was presented at the American Museum of Television & Radio on January 5, 2006 alongside the Los Angeles Auto Show, though it was not presented at the show itself. Instead, the Miura concept car officially debuted at the North American International Auto Show two weeks later. It was the first designContinue reading “Lamborghini Miura 2006 Miura concept – Lamborghini wallpapers night”

Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce (2015-2017) – Luxury Lamborghini interior wallpaper

(Lamborghini Diablo) The engine lid was changed substantially in order to vent properly when the roof panel was covering it. The roadster also featured revised 17 inch wheels. The air intakes on top/sides were made larger than the Diablo coup?. In 1998, the wheels were updated to 18 inches, and the engine power raised toContinue reading “Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce (2015-2017) – Luxury Lamborghini interior wallpaper”

Lamborghini Espada – cool Lamborghini wallpaper hd

(Lamborghini Espada) The Lamborghini Espada is a 4-seat grand touring coup? built by Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini between 1968 and 1978. HistoryThe car was designed by Marcello Gandini at Bertone. Gandini drew inspiration and cues from two of his Bertone show cars from 1967, the Lamborghini Marzal and the Jaguar Pirana. The Espada was aContinue reading “Lamborghini Espada – cool Lamborghini wallpaper hd”

Lamborghini Diablo – hd Lamborghini wallpapers

(Lamborghini Diablo) Due to the development of the Murci?lago, the Diablo VT 6.0 was only available in coup? bodystyle with no more roadster or SV models planned; however, customers could specially order a rear-wheel drive version of the VT 6.0. At the end of the Diablo’s production run, the company introduced the limited production DiabloContinue reading “Lamborghini Diablo – hd Lamborghini wallpapers”

Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 and VT 6.0 SE – Lamborghini Performante interior wallpaper

(Lamborghini Diablo) Diablo VT 6.0 and VT 6.0 SEIn 1994, Chrysler left F1 and sold Lamborghini to a group of Indonesians. By 1998, Audi AG took over Lamborghini from its former Southeast Asian owners, MyCom and V’Power and set out to modernise and refine the Diablo, while its replacement, the Murci?lago, was being developed. AudiContinue reading “Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 and VT 6.0 SE – Lamborghini Performante interior wallpaper”

Lamborghini In 1985 – best Lamborghini Egoista wallpapers

(Lamborghini) In 1985, Lamborghini’s British importer developed the Countach QVX, in conjunction with Spice Engineering, for the 1986 Group C championship season. One car was built, but lack of sponsorship caused it to miss the season. The QVX competed in only one race, the non-championship 1986 Southern Suns 500 km race at Kyalami in SouthContinue reading “Lamborghini In 1985 – best Lamborghini Egoista wallpapers”