Audi S7 (pre-facelift) – best Lamborghini wallpapers – Bmw i8 background

The S7 is a version of the A7 with a 4.0 litres (3,993 cc) biturbo TFSI V8 engine rated at 420 PS (309 kW; 414 hp) and 550 N?m (406 lbf?ft) of torque, as well as a quattro four wheel drive system and 7-speed S?tronic gearbox. The S7 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hContinue reading “Audi S7 (pre-facelift) – best Lamborghini wallpapers – Bmw i8 background”

BMW 7 Series E38 – Mclaren car wallpaper

In early 1988, development began on the third generation of the 7 Series. From 1988 to 1990 styling work was done initially under design director Claus Luthe (through April 1990, taken over by Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle), when Boyke Boyer’s concept design was chosen and further refined into production form. In February 1991, the final productionContinue reading “BMW 7 Series E38 – Mclaren car wallpaper”

Pagani Zonda 760 Unica Roadster – green Lambo wallpaper hd

(BMW i8) The i8 has a vehicle weight of 1,485 kg (3,274 lb) (DIN kerb weight) and a low drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.26. In all-electric mode the BMW i8 has a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph). In Sport mode the i8 delivers a mid-range acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h (50 toContinue reading “Pagani Zonda 760 Unica Roadster – green Lambo wallpaper hd”

Ferrari F12 Performance – blue Jaguar supercar wallpaper

Ferrari reports that the F12berlinetta is capable of lapping the Fiorano test circuit in 1 minute, 23 seconds; three seconds slower than the LaFerrari, a full second faster than the 599 GTO, two seconds faster than the Enzo Ferrari, two seconds faster than the 458 Italia, three seconds faster than the 430 Scuderia and threeContinue reading “Ferrari F12 Performance – blue Jaguar supercar wallpaper”

Pagani Zonda 760 Unica Roadster – Acura Nsx supercars wallpaper

(Ford Fiesta) The facelifted Fiesta, facing competition from the Austin Metro, Fiat Uno, Nissan Micra, Peugeot 205, Toyota Starlet, Vauxhall Nova and the Volkswagen Polo was one of the UK’s top superminis. In its best-ever year, 1987, over 150,000 Fiesta models were sold in the UK, though it finished second in the sales charts toContinue reading “Pagani Zonda 760 Unica Roadster – Acura Nsx supercars wallpaper”

Audi TT Motorsport – lambo wallpaper – newest car backgrounds

In auto racing, the Istook’s Motorsports team has currently entered a Revo Technik-sponsored Audi TT in the Grand-Am KONI Sports Car Challenge Street Tuner (ST) class. Under the racing name of RS Werkes, Istook’s Motorsports out of Fort Worth, Texas, built and raced the first TT RS brought into the United States in the GrandContinue reading “Audi TT Motorsport – lambo wallpaper – newest car backgrounds”

Pagani Zonda GJ – Jaguar supercar wallpaper

(Audi) In 1932, Audi merged with Horch, DKW, and Wanderer, to form Auto Union AG, Chemnitz. It was during this period that the company offered the Audi Front that became the first European car to combine a six-cylinder engine with front-wheel drive. It used a powertrain shared with the Wanderer, but turned 180-degrees, so thatContinue reading “Pagani Zonda GJ – Jaguar supercar wallpaper”

BMW 3 Series 320is – cool Porsche and Lamborghini wallpaper

For Portugal and Italy only, due to considerably higher VAT and vehicle tax for cars with engines exceeding 2000 cc, a special model was created: the 320is. The sedan version appeared in the dealers’ showrooms in September 1987 while the coup? version arrived in March 1988. Production of the 320is continued until 1991. This modelContinue reading “BMW 3 Series 320is – cool Porsche and Lamborghini wallpaper”

BMW 3 Series E36 – Lambo Veneno – cool red Infiniti wallpapers

Development of the E36 began in 1981 and the exterior design was heavily influenced by aerodynamics, specifically the overall wedge shape, headlight covers and smaller wing mirrors. The lead designers were Pinky Lai and Boyke Boyer. The production version of the E36 was launched in October 1990, with press release in November and market launchContinue reading “BMW 3 Series E36 – Lambo Veneno – cool red Infiniti wallpapers”

Ford F Series Tenth generation – red Jaguar supercars

For 1997, Ford Motor Company made a major change to its F-Series family of trucks as the F-Series pickup line was essentially split in two. During the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, buyers of pickup trucks had increasingly purchased the vehicles for the purposes of personal use over work use. To further increase its growing marketContinue reading “Ford F Series Tenth generation – red Jaguar supercars”

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