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Pagani Zonda 760 AG – cool car wallpaper and Lamborghini background

(BMW) In 1998, BMW also acquired the rights to the Rolls Royce brand from Vickers Plc.

The 1995 BMW Z3 expanded the line-up to include a mass-production two-seat roadster and the 1999 BMW X5 was the company’s entry into the SUV market.

The first mass-produced turbocharged petrol engine was introduced in 2006, with most engines switching over to turbocharging over the following decade. The first hybrid BMW was the 2010 BMW ActiveHybrid 7, and BMW’s first electric car was the BMW i3 city car, which was released in 2013. After many years of establishing a reputation for sporting rear-wheel drive cars, BMW’s first front-wheel drive car was the 2014 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). mclaren wallpapers, car wallpaper, nissan wallpapers, BMW wallpapers, audi wallpapers

(Pagani Zonda)760 AG
It is the first roadster variant to be commissioned in the 760 series of one-off cars. It was commissioned by a customer in Dubai. The car has exterior features like the other 760 cars and also resembling the Zonda Cinqu?. Like the other 760 series cars, the car does not have the daytime running LED lights and a sequential transmission which makes it stand out from the other one-off models. The car features a blue carbon exterior with wheel arches, side sills and front canards in bare carbon fibre, a carbon fibre rear fin and spoiler with tricolore stripes and a black leather interior with carbon accenting throughout. Pagani Zonda wallpapers#Volvo #BugattiVeyron #Maserati #KoenigseggRegera #AudiRS3


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