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Lamborghini Diablo- Diablo GT2 – yellow supercar Lamborghini wallpaper

Following the success of the Diablo SV-R, Lamborghini decided to enter the Diablo in GT2 class racing. Primarily because of a failed attempt in 1996 to enter the famed GT1 class with the Diablo GT1 Stradale. A new car was developed based on the Diablo SV which later became the basis for the infamous DiabloContinue reading “Lamborghini Diablo- Diablo GT2 – yellow supercar Lamborghini wallpaper”

Lamborghini Jalpa Overview – super Lambo wallpaper

The Jalpa was a development of the earlier Silhouette intended to fill a role as a more “affordable” Lamborghini, being much less expensive than the flagship Countach and being also designed by Bertone. Compared to the Countach, the Jalpa was much easier to drive, having better visibility and being more tractable in heavy traffic andContinue reading “Lamborghini Jalpa Overview – super Lambo wallpaper”

Lamborghini Gallardo Bicolore (2010-2012) – red Lamborghini super wallpaper

(Lamborghini Diablo) The GTR interior was stripped down to save weight; the air conditioning, stereo, and sound and heatproofing were removed, and a single racing seat with 6-point seatbelt harness, MOMO fire suppression system and steering wheel, complete integrated roll cage, fixed Plexiglass windows with sliding sections, and fresh air intake were fitted. lamborghini venenoContinue reading “Lamborghini Gallardo Bicolore (2010-2012) – red Lamborghini super wallpaper”

Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 Versace – best Lamborghini wallpapers hd

(Lamborghini) Marine enginesMotori Marini Lamborghini produces a large V12 marine engine block for use in World Offshore Series Class 1 powerboats. A Lamborghini branded marine engine displaces approximately 8,171 cc (8.2 L) and outputs approximately 940 hp (700 kW). lamborghini car, supercars, gallardo lamborghini, Lamborghini wallpapers, supercar wallpaper (Lamborghini Murcielago)LP 640 VersaceThe Murci?lago LP 640Continue reading “Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 Versace – best Lamborghini wallpapers hd”

Lamborghini Miura 2006 Miura concept – Lamborghini wallpapers night

A Miura concept car was presented at the American Museum of Television & Radio on January 5, 2006 alongside the Los Angeles Auto Show, though it was not presented at the show itself. Instead, the Miura concept car officially debuted at the North American International Auto Show two weeks later. It was the first designContinue reading “Lamborghini Miura 2006 Miura concept – Lamborghini wallpapers night”

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2, LP 560-4, LP 570-4 Edizione Tecnica (2012-2013) – supercar Lambo performante wallpapers

(Lamborghini Jarama) Jarama RallyThe Jarama Rally, also known as the Jarama “Bob”, is a one-off, race modified Jarama built by Lamborghini’s test driver Bob Wallace. It features a modified 3.9-liter V12 engine that was repositioned to sit farther back in the engine bay. This allowed it to achieve a nearly 50/50 weight distribution (the standardContinue reading “Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2, LP 560-4, LP 570-4 Edizione Tecnica (2012-2013) – supercar Lambo performante wallpapers”

Lamborghini Centenario-Specifications – best Lamborghini supercar wallpapers

(Lamborghini Espada) The Spanish name “Espada” means “sword”, referring to the sword that the torero uses to kill the bull in the corrida. During its ten years in production the car underwent some changes, and three different series were produced. These were the S1 (1968?1970), the S2 (1970?1972) and the S3 (1972?1978). Each model featuredContinue reading “Lamborghini Centenario-Specifications – best Lamborghini supercar wallpapers”

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Production – hd orange Lamborghini wallpaper

(Lamborghini Countach) At the start of the LP112 project in 1970, Lamborghini commissioned Gandini and his team at Bertone to develop a body for the then-unnamed prototype. Chief engineer Paolo Stanzani supplied the design team with chassis information so that body design could proceed while the mechanical details of the prototype were finalized. Shortly beforeContinue reading “Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Production – hd orange Lamborghini wallpaper”

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale – green Lamborghini Huracan Performante wallpaper

(Lamborghini Countach) The third Countach prototype (chassis number 1120002) was shown at the 1974 Geneva Motor Show and was the first to be constructed entirely in the Lamborghini factory, except for the chassis built by Marchesi. It is sometimes called the first pre-production or first production LP400 Countach. This car was painted bright yellow andContinue reading “Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale – green Lamborghini Huracan Performante wallpaper”

The Evoluzione – best Lamborghini interior wallpapers

(Lamborghini Countach) The Evoluzione was built on an all-new chassis but used engine, suspension and wheels from the Countach LP5000QV production model, although all these components would be modified during testing. While based on the production engine, the Evoluzione engine was blueprinted for greater performance and generated approximately 368 kW (500 PS; 493 hp). TheContinue reading “The Evoluzione – best Lamborghini interior wallpapers”