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Ferrari F12- Ferrari SP3JC – Lamborghini – latest BMW car wallpaper

Presented in November 2018, the SP3JC is a one-off roadster based on the F12tdf. There were two matching cars ordered, one in LHD, the other in RHD with different liveries. They were designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre to pay homage to Ferrari roadsters of 1950s and 1960s. They are powered by the V12 engine from the F12tdf which is unchanged from the production car. The body has been completely redesigned, and includes redesigned front and rear fascias, a new front bumper, a rear diffuser, transparent hood vents that show off the engine, roll hoops behind the seats, taillights and wheels from the 812 Superfast and a blue, white and blue paint job that pays homage to the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. “JC” stands for John Collins, a Scottish collector and founder of Talacrest, a classic Ferrari dealer located in the U.K. He commissioned the car in mid 2014 and it took 3.5 years to complete. Ferrari said the design process alone took 2 of those years. aston martin wallpapers, lamborghini, bentley wallpapers, Ferrari F12 wallpapers, lamborghini wallpapers

(Porsche 911)In 1988, Porsche produced 875 examples of the CE or Commemorative Edition 911 Carrera in coupe, targa and cabriolet variants to mark the production of the 250,000th 911. Distinguishing features include special diamond blue metallic paint with color-matched Fuchs wheels, front and rear spoilers, and interior carpets and leather. These cars also featured Dr. Ferdinand Porsche’s signature embroidered on the seats in the headrest area. Of the 875 examples produced, only 300 were imported to the US (120 coupes, 100 cabrios and 80 Targas), 250 were sold in Germany, 50 went to the UK, and the remainder to other countries. Porsche 911 wallpapers#BmwM8 #bmw #Tesla #Ferrari812 #AudiRS3


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