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BMW 3 Series Motorsports – cool Aston Martin supercars

The Group 5 version of the BMW 320 introduced in 1977 as a replacement to the BMW 3.0 CSL, nicknamed the Flying Brick in reference to the blocky bodyshape, was powered by a Formula Two engine that was tuned to 225 kW (302 bhp) by BMW Motorsport. The car was developed in only just overContinue reading “BMW 3 Series Motorsports – cool Aston Martin supercars”

Mercedes E Class – Lamborghini wallpaper – trending Bugatti background

The W213 E-Class is the second most technologically advanced Mercedes after the new S Class. The E-Class received the latest in autonomous driving technology for use at highway speeds, capable of piloting itself up to speeds of 130 mph (210 km/h) for up to 2 minutes. The system uses a complex array of motion sensors,Continue reading “Mercedes E Class – Lamborghini wallpaper – trending Bugatti background”

Mercedes SLK Class First generation – trending red Jaguar car wallpaper

The R170 Mercedes SLK was the first generation compact roadster produced by Mercedes-Benz, from 1996 to 2004. It was designed from late 1991 under Bruno Sacco, with a final design being completed in early 1993 and approved by the board, with a German design patent filed on September 30, 1993. The production SLK-Class was introducedContinue reading “Mercedes SLK Class First generation – trending red Jaguar car wallpaper”

BMW 5 Series E28- 533i – Rolls Royce supercars wallpaper

Only sold in Japan and North America, the 6-cylinder 533i was the highest specification model during its production years of 1983-1984. It was replaced by the 535i. pagani wallpapers, supercars, jeep wallpapers, BMW 5 Series E28 wallpapers, koenigsegg wallpapers (Toyota Supra)The Toyota Supra is a sports car and grand tourer manufactured by Toyota Motor CorporationContinue reading “BMW 5 Series E28- 533i – Rolls Royce supercars wallpaper”

Audi A4 BTCC – Lamborghini – yellow Mercedes wallpaper hd

The A4 was used in the 1996?1998 and 2011-2015 British Touring Car Championship seasons. chevrolet wallpapers, lamborghini, volvo wallpapers, Audi A4 wallpapers, lamborghini wallpapers (Toyota Supra)AwardsThe A60, with its all-new design, quickly became a success in the US where it was awarded the Import Car of the Year by Motor Trend. It also made CarContinue reading “Audi A4 BTCC – Lamborghini – yellow Mercedes wallpaper hd”

BMW 3 Series F30 LWB sedan – new Bmw wallpapers

A long-wheelbase sedan model having a designation of F35, was produced for the Chinese market. The wheelbase is increased by 110 mm (4.3 in) to 2,920 mm (115.0 in); this increases rear knee room by 90 mm (3.5 in) and results in an overall length of 4,734 mm (186.4 in). The vehicle was produced inContinue reading “BMW 3 Series F30 LWB sedan – new Bmw wallpapers”

BMW 5 Series F10 Chassis and suspension – best hd car wallpapers

The F10 uses the same platform as the F01 7 Series. Front suspension is double wishbone with double-pivot lower arms (previous 5 Series generations used Macpherson struts). Rear suspension is a multi-link design with 5 links called “Integral V”. Most suspension components are made from aluminium. The chassis is constructed from various grades of steelContinue reading “BMW 5 Series F10 Chassis and suspension – best hd car wallpapers”

Bugatti wallpapers – Bugatti Veyron – Bmw wallpapers

In May 1998, Volkswagen AG acquired the rights to use the Bugatti logo and the trade name Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. To succeed the EB 110 model produced under the previous ownership, the automaker quickly released a series of concept cars whose technological advancements would culminate in the form of the Veyron 16.4. pagani wallpapers, bugattiContinue reading “Bugatti wallpapers – Bugatti Veyron – Bmw wallpapers”