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Porsche 997 General performance – new Mclaren wallpapers

(Ford Fiesta) For the 1979 auto show season, Ford in conjunction with its Ghia Operations in Turin, Italy, produced the Ford Fiesta Tuareg off-road car. It was touted in press materials as “a concept vehicle designed and equipped for practical, off-road recreational use.” Minor revisions appeared across the range in late 1981, with larger bumpersContinue reading “Porsche 997 General performance – new Mclaren wallpapers”

Ferrari 599

599 GTB 60F1In December 2011, Ferrari announced a special edition of the 599 GTB to celebrate 60 years of their wins in F1. From Froil?n Gonz?lez’s win at Silverstone in 1951 with the 375 F1, to Fernando Alonso’s win at Silverstone in 2011 in the 150? Italia, Ferrari have been winning hundreds of F1 races.Continue reading “Ferrari 599”