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Ferrari Testarossa – Ferrari wallpapers – Muscle car wallpapers

The Testarossa name paid homage to the famed World Sportscar Championship winner 1957 250 Testa Rossa sports racing car. Testa Rossa, which literally means “red head” in Italian, refers to the red-painted cam covers sported by both cars’ 12-cylinder engines. porsche wallpapers, ferrari, buick wallpapers, Ferrari Testarossa wallpapers, lamborghini wallpapers

(Mazda RX-8)Mazdaspeed Concept
In 2008, Mazda unveiled a Mazdaspeed RX-8 equipped with racing seats, and a new aerodynamic package for the refreshed RX-8. Mazda however didn’t end up selling any new generation Mazdaspeed editions or accessories to the public. Mazda RX-8 wallpapers#porsche #jeep #LamborghiniDiablo #Bugatti #AudiRS3


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