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Audi A1 Contrast Edition, Black Edition – Lambo Huracan – yellow Ferrari hd wallpaper

The A1 Contrast Edition is available for all engines in the A1 Sport range except 1.4 TFSI 185PS for the UK market, with contrasting colour for the roof line and aerodynamic body styling elements (optional double-blade roof spoiler in a contrasting colour), 17-inch ‘five-arm’ design bi-colour alloy wheels. The UK version of the A1 BlackContinue reading “Audi A1 Contrast Edition, Black Edition – Lambo Huracan – yellow Ferrari hd wallpaper”

Ford Mustang – Lamborghini Gallardo – popular Aston Martin backgrounds

In the second quarter of 2012, Ford launched an update to the Mustang line as an early 2013 model. The Shelby GT500 has a new 5.8 L supercharged V8 producing 662 hp (494 kW; 671 PS). Shelby and Boss engines came with a six-speed manual transmission. The GT and V6 models revised styling incorporated theContinue reading “Ford Mustang – Lamborghini Gallardo – popular Aston Martin backgrounds”

Audi American Le Mans Series – Mercedes Project One super car

Audi entered a factory racing team run by Joest Racing into the American Le Mans Series under the Audi Sport North America name in 2000. This was a successful operation with the team winning on its debut in the series at the 2000 12 Hours of Sebring. Factory backed Audi R8s were the dominant carContinue reading “Audi American Le Mans Series – Mercedes Project One super car”

Bugatti Divo Performance – Lamborghini – trending Aston Marting backgrounds

The car is 8.0 seconds quicker than the Chiron around the Nard? test track according to the manufacturer and generates 456 kg (1,005 lb) of downforce at top speed, 90 kg (198 lb) more than the Chiron. The top speed is, however, reduced to 380 km/h (236 mph), owing to the extra drag produced byContinue reading “Bugatti Divo Performance – Lamborghini – trending Aston Marting backgrounds”

BMW 3 Series Motorsports – cool Aston Martin supercars

The Group 5 version of the BMW 320 introduced in 1977 as a replacement to the BMW 3.0 CSL, nicknamed the Flying Brick in reference to the blocky bodyshape, was powered by a Formula Two engine that was tuned to 225 kW (302 bhp) by BMW Motorsport. The car was developed in only just overContinue reading “BMW 3 Series Motorsports – cool Aston Martin supercars”

BMW 3 Series 320is – cool Porsche and Lamborghini wallpaper

For Portugal and Italy only, due to considerably higher VAT and vehicle tax for cars with engines exceeding 2000 cc, a special model was created: the 320is. The sedan version appeared in the dealers’ showrooms in September 1987 while the coup? version arrived in March 1988. Production of the 320is continued until 1991. This modelContinue reading “BMW 3 Series 320is – cool Porsche and Lamborghini wallpaper”

BMW 5 Series G30 Awards – best Bugatti super car images

2017 What Car?’s ‘Car of the Year’ and ‘Best Luxury Car’.2017 iF product design ‘Automobiles/Product Gold Award’2017 AutoExpress Executive Car of the Year2017 EyesOnDesign Award for Best Designed User Experience bugatti wallpapers, super car, ford wallpapers, BMW 5 Series G30 wallpapers, aston martin wallpapers (Mazda MX-5)Fourth generation (ND)The fourth generation Mazda MX-5 was unveiled inContinue reading “BMW 5 Series G30 Awards – best Bugatti super car images”

Audi Q7 2012 – Lamborghini wallpaper – Porsche backgrounds

Audi has added their new Audi Connect to the MMI system, which adds internet-driven POI search, via user input or via the voice control system, as well as access to online services delivering local fuel prices, news, weather and other information. Audi Connect also offers in-car WiFi connectivity for up to 8 devices. 2012 wasContinue reading “Audi Q7 2012 – Lamborghini wallpaper – Porsche backgrounds”

BMW Wallpapers – newest Lamborghini Veneno supercar wallpaper

The name BMW is an abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke. This name is grammatically incorrect (in German, compound words must not contain spaces), which is why the name’s grammatically correct form Bayerische Motorenwerke has been used in several publications and advertisements in the past. Bayerische Motorenwerke translates into English as Bavarian Motor Works. The suffixContinue reading “BMW Wallpapers – newest Lamborghini Veneno supercar wallpaper”

Audi A8 – cool Lexus car wallpaper

The Audi S8 includes a four-cylinder mode with ANC, two elliptical dual tailpipes, dynamic steering, sport differential, adaptive air suspension sport with an S-specific setup, 20-inch wheels, S8 emblems on front brake calipers, optional Audi design selection black/Vermont brown with Carbon twill copper inlays. The Audi A8 hybrid includes a custom Audi luggage set forContinue reading “Audi A8 – cool Lexus car wallpaper”