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BMW 3 Series Engines – Audi R8 – Lamborghini wallpaper hd

Initially, the E30 used carryover four-cylinder (M10) and six-cylinder (M20) petrol engines from its E21 predecessor. Over the production run, new families of four-cylinder petrol engines were introduced and the six-cylinder engine received various upgrades. A six-cylinder diesel engine was introduced, in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged forms. Factory specifications are shown below. porsche wallpapers,Continue reading “BMW 3 Series Engines – Audi R8 – Lamborghini wallpaper hd”

Ferrari F12- Ferrari SP3JC – Lamborghini – latest BMW car wallpaper

Presented in November 2018, the SP3JC is a one-off roadster based on the F12tdf. There were two matching cars ordered, one in LHD, the other in RHD with different liveries. They were designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre to pay homage to Ferrari roadsters of 1950s and 1960s. They are powered by the V12 engineContinue reading “Ferrari F12- Ferrari SP3JC – Lamborghini – latest BMW car wallpaper”

Ford Fiesta Wallpapers – best Audi supercars wallpaper

In 1997, the Mark IV was introduced in South Africa, the first time the Fiesta had been sold in that market. Only one engine was available, the 1.3 litre Endura E. It subsequently won the South African Car of the Year award. The 1.3 litre engine was replaced with the 1.4 litre PTE (CVH) engineContinue reading “Ford Fiesta Wallpapers – best Audi supercars wallpaper”

BMW 2 Series- M2 Coup Competition – luxury Rolls Royce car wallpaper

The M2 Competition was introduced at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show and succeeded the standard M2 Coup?. Production began in July 2018. The M2 Competition uses the high performance S55 engine which is a variant of the 3.0-litre twin turbocharged straight six engine found in the F80 M3 and F82 M4. The engine features aContinue reading “BMW 2 Series- M2 Coup Competition – luxury Rolls Royce car wallpaper”

Mercedes GLA Class Concept GLA 45 AMG – Lamborghini wallpaper – Mercedes X backgrounds

The Concept GLA 45 AMG concept car was unveiled at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, as a high-performance version of the GLA-Class with an AMG 2.0-litre four-cylinder twin-scroll turbocharged petrol engine rated 360 PS (265 kW; 355 hp) and 450 N?m (332 lbf?ft), 4Matic all wheel drive, AMG Speedshift DCT 7-speed transmission with paddleContinue reading “Mercedes GLA Class Concept GLA 45 AMG – Lamborghini wallpaper – Mercedes X backgrounds”

Ferrari F50 Suspension – best hd Lambo wallpapers

(Audi) In November 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency implicated the 3-liter diesel engine versions of the 2016 Audi A6 Quattro, A7 Quattro, A8, A8L and the Q5 as further models that had emissions regulation defeat-device software installed. Thus, these models emitted nitrogen oxide at up to nine times the legal limit when the carContinue reading “Ferrari F50 Suspension – best hd Lambo wallpapers”

BMW Wallpapers – newest Lamborghini Veneno supercar wallpaper

The name BMW is an abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke. This name is grammatically incorrect (in German, compound words must not contain spaces), which is why the name’s grammatically correct form Bayerische Motorenwerke has been used in several publications and advertisements in the past. Bayerische Motorenwerke translates into English as Bavarian Motor Works. The suffixContinue reading “BMW Wallpapers – newest Lamborghini Veneno supercar wallpaper”

BMW 5 Series E28 Engines – Lamborghini – Rolls Royce wallpaper

The E28 was the first 5 Series produced with diesel engines (the 524d and 524td models) and with a petrol engined model specifically aimed at increased fuel economy (525e/528e model). The four models available at the launch of the E28 were the 518, 520i, 525i and 528i, with the 518 using a straight-four petrol engineContinue reading “BMW 5 Series E28 Engines – Lamborghini – Rolls Royce wallpaper”

Mercedes Vito E-CELL – trending Porsche wallpapers – Lamborghini wallpaper

The E-Cell was unveiled in 2010 Post Expo, powered by a 36 kWh lithium-ion battery located in the underfloor unit, electric motor rated 81 PS (60 kW; 80 hp) and 280 N?m (207 lb?ft) of torque. In 2012 a seven-seater Vito E-Cell was unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show with electric motor (60 kWContinue reading “Mercedes Vito E-CELL – trending Porsche wallpapers – Lamborghini wallpaper”

Ford Fiesta – Range Rover supercars wallpaper hd

In 2016, Ford released the Fiesta ST200 limited edition in Europe. On the outside, it featured bespoke grey paint as the only colour available, and unique 17-inch black alloy wheels. Inside, it featured Recaro bucket seats and illuminated tread plates as standard. Power and torque were both increased. As the name suggests, power was upContinue reading “Ford Fiesta – Range Rover supercars wallpaper hd”