Mercedes S Class – Lamborghini Huracan supercar wallpaper

In 2002, Mercedes-Benz introduced the world’s first preemptive safety system on the W220 with its first iteration of Pre-Safe. The W220 S-Class received an exterior refresh with updates to the front fascia. The grille angle was adjusted to a slightly more upright position, and the xenon-discharge headlamps were given a new transparent housing, replacing theContinue reading “Mercedes S Class – Lamborghini Huracan supercar wallpaper”

Audi A7 Sportback Black Edition – new Ferrari car wallpaper

The A7 Sportback Black Edition is a version of the A7 (excluding 3.0 TDI (204 PS (150 kW; 201 hp)), S7) for the UK market. It includes 21-inch rotor-design alloy wheels with a dark titanium finish with further lowered S line sports suspension, black grille and number plate surrounds and the window frame strips, andContinue reading “Audi A7 Sportback Black Edition – new Ferrari car wallpaper”

Audi A5 – Lamborghini Gallardo – latest Aston Martin backgrounds

The Audi A5 is a series of compact executive coupe cars produced by the German automobile manufacturer Audi since March 2007. The A5 range additionally comprises the coupe, cabriolet, and “Sportback” (a four-door hatchback with a fastback-like roofline) version of the Audi A4 saloon and estate models. Under Audi’s internal platform numbering convention, the A5Continue reading “Audi A5 – Lamborghini Gallardo – latest Aston Martin backgrounds”

Mercedes 300SL – Bmw super car background

In 1952, the W 194 took part in the most important races of the year. The new SL competed at the Mille Miglia at the beginning of May and achieved second place. It won the top three places at the Bern Sports Car Prize 131.04 kilometres (81.42 mi). At the 24-hour race at Le MansContinue reading “Mercedes 300SL – Bmw super car background”

Mercedes Ponton – cool Bmw car wallpaper

The Mercedes-Benz “Ponton” series are a range of sedans / saloon car models from Daimler-Benz, introduced starting in 1953, and nicknamed ‘Ponton’ (the German word for “pontoon”), referring to the slab-sided, three-box, overall shape of the cars ? a postwar car design innovation, also generally known as ponton styling. More profound than the visual changes,Continue reading “Mercedes Ponton – cool Bmw car wallpaper”

BMW 6 Series E24 M version – red Lamborghini supercar wallpaper

The M635CSi model, introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1983, is the first in the line of M6 models. In 1987, the equivalent model for the North American (U.S. and Canada) market was introduced and badged simply ‘M6’. The M635CSi is powered by a 210 kW (282 hp) version of the BMW M88/3 straight-sixContinue reading “BMW 6 Series E24 M version – red Lamborghini supercar wallpaper”

Mercedes GLC Class First generation – best Mercedes and Lamborghini wallpapers

The GLC, like its predecessor, began assembly at Mercedes-Benz’s plant in Bremen, Germany. Since the main GLC production site in Bremen already runs at full capacity, Mercedes-Benz have decided to expand the production capacity by utilizing Valmet Automotive plant at Uusikaupunki, Finland. The manufacturing of the GLC started in Finland during Q1 of 2017. TheContinue reading “Mercedes GLC Class First generation – best Mercedes and Lamborghini wallpapers”

BMW 3 Series Awards and recognition – Mercedes Project One supercars wallpaper

The 3 Series has been on Car and Driver magazine’s annual Ten Best list 22 times, from 1992 through 2014, making it the longest running entry in the list. In their December 2009 issue, Grassroots Motorsports magazine named the BMW 3 Series as the second-most important performance car built during the previous 25 years. porscheContinue reading “BMW 3 Series Awards and recognition – Mercedes Project One supercars wallpaper”

Audi Q3- Second generation – best Mercedes car wallpaper

The second-generation Audi Q3, built on the MQB platform, (Model MQB27A2) was officially unveiled on July 25, 2018. On the N?rburgring race track, a sports version is tested, which will be called SQ3, and then there will be an even more powerful version of RS Q3. A Sportback version was revealed in July 2019. TheContinue reading “Audi Q3- Second generation – best Mercedes car wallpaper”

Audi A4- RTCC – Aston Martin supercar wallpapers

The car was used in the 2006 Russian Touring Car Championship. bugatti wallpapers, super car, chevrolet wallpapers, Audi A4 wallpapers, dodge wallpapers (Pagani Zonda)Zonda CinqueThe Zonda Cinque (Italian for five) was meant to be the last iteration of the Zonda, being a road-legal version of the Zonda R. Only five were built, hence the name,Continue reading “Audi A4- RTCC – Aston Martin supercar wallpapers”

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