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In 2005, the A6 won the World Car of the Year award, and has also won the Practical Caravan “Towcar of the Year” awards, due to its array of towing features such as adjustable suspension height and damping, and the presence of a 123 Trailer Stability Programme. jeep wallpapers, supercars, audi wallpapers, Audi A6 wallpapers, ford wallpapers

(Mazda CX-3)Awards and recognition
2015 Red Dot Design Award, Germany
2016 Yahoo Autos Savvy Ride of the Year
2016 IIHS Top Safety Pick+
2016 World Car Design of the Year Finalist
2016 Car of the Year Thailand
2016 Best Compact SUV, Fleet News Awards, UK
2016 Automobile Journalists Association of Canada Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year
2016 Automobile Journalists Association of Canada Canadian Green Utility Vehicle of the Year
2018 Best City SUV, Drive Car of the Year, Australia Mazda CX-3 wallpapers#dodge #PorschePanamera #LamborghiniHuracan #BmwM2 #AudiRS3

BMW M3 – Porsche racing car wallpaper – Pagani and Lamborghini supercars wallpaper

Following the introduction of the E36 M3, racing teams in the United States began pressuring BMW for a homologation version in order to compete in sports-car racing. As a result, the ‘M3 Lightweight’ was introduced in 1995. The cars came without a radio (although the speakers were installed and the car pre-wired for the radio), air conditioning, leather seats, tool kit or a sunroof. The doors have aluminum skins. There is no underbonnet insulation blanket and the trunk only has carpet on the floor. The under body insulation is thinner and there is special carpeting to lower weight. Overall the changes resulted in a weight 91 kg (200 lb) less than a regular M3. The wheels are 17-inches in diameter, with a width of 7.5 inches at the front and 8.5 inches at the rear. The tyres fitted were 235/40ZR17.

Powertrain changes included the removal of the top speed limiter and a shorter differential ratio (3.23 compared to 3.15). Suspension upgrades consisted of shorter springs from the European-specification M3. Before being sold, the M3 Lightweights were sent to Prototype Technology Group Racing in Virginia for final preparation, which included the front and rear Motorsport flag decals, and “trunk kit”. In the trunk there was dual-pickup oil pump (from the European-specification M3), front strut bar, lower cross-brace, spacer blocks to raise the rear wing, and an adjustable front splitter. Each owner was given a 1-page legal document to sign acknowledging that any installation of trunk items voided the new car warranty.

All M3 Lightweight cars were produced in Alpine White exterior colour, with the Motorsports flag decals on the left front and right rear corners of the car. There is a fixed wing on the trunk lid. There was some carbon fibre interior trim and the badges (side molding and dash) read “BMW Motorsports International”.

Although BMW promised to build approximately 100 cars, BMW never released the production numbers of M3 Lightweights built, however, it is estimated that approximately 125 were built. mazda wallpapers, supercars wallpaper, bentley wallpapers, BMW M3 wallpapers, bmw wallpapers

(Pagani Huayra)Carbon Edition
The first special edition was the Pagani Huayra Carbon Edition, unveiled in 2012, along with the White Edition. It features a full carbon fibre body, wheels and interior trim, hence the “carbon” part of the name. The interior features red leather upholstery and carbon fibre inserts. The specifications are the same as the standard Huayra. Pagani Huayra wallpapers#ChevroletCorvette #BMW #AudiR8 #TeslaCyberTruck #AudiRS3

Ford Backgrounds – Porsche super car – Lamborghini super car wallpaper hd

From 2009 to 2011, Ford offered the Ford TH!NK car. Ford ended production and ordered all the cars repossessed and destroyed, even as many of the people leasing them begged to be able to buy the cars from Ford. After outcry from the lessees and activists in the US and Norway, Ford returned the cars to Norway for sale. 440 units were leased in the U.S. from 1999 until 2003.

In 2017, CEO of Ford Mark Fields announced that the company will invest $4.5 billion in further development of plug-in electric vehicles by 2020.

The Azure Transit Connect Electric was an all-electric van developed as a collaboration between Azure Dynamics and Ford Motor Company, but Azure was the official manufacturer of record. The Transit Connect Electric had an official US Environmental Protection Agency all-electric range of 56 mi (90 km). The EPA rated the combined city/highway fuel economy at 62 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (3.8 L/100 km equivalent). Deliveries for fleet customers in the U.S. and Canada began in December 2010. Production of the electric van was stopped in March 2012 as a result of Azure’s bankruptcy protection filing. Ford continues to provide servicing. Around 500 units were sold before Azure stopped production. chevrolet wallpapers, super car, mazda wallpapers, Ford wallpapers, pagani wallpapers

(Porsche Cayenne)Cayenne S
The S is powered by an 8-cylinder engine with a dry-sump lubrication system and infinitely variable valve timing. It produces 344.7 PS (254 kW; 340 hp) and 310 lb?ft (420 N?m) of torque. Acceleration from 0?60 mph (97 km/h) takes 6.9 seconds and the top speed is 150 mph (241 km/h).

Introduced only for 2006 (Pre-GTS concept), a special distinctive Cayenne S Titanium Edition Wagon (9PA), a 1 Year exclusive, limited production SUV featuring a lightweight steel body (it is lighter than the Cayenne S), titanium-painted accented body parts, side lower rocker body panels, 4 sports chrome tailpipes, 19″ titanium painted alloy wheels, bi-xenon headlights, two-tone interior upholstery, Porsche PCM w/ trip computer navigation, MP3 audio and Bose cabin surround sound. This sporty design S(Ti) is also powered by an alloy 4.5L V8 engine with a dry-sump lubrication system and variable valve timing. The Cayenne S(Ti) engine produces 344.7 PS (254 kW; 340 hp) and 310 lb?ft (420 N?m) of torque. Acceleration is quicker from 0?60 mph (97 km/h) at sub[specify] 6.8 seconds and the top speed is 150+ mph. It featured sport tuned suspension, and includes a low-range case, a locking differential and six-speed automatic Tiptronic transmission (See S, Turbo & Turbo S). Porsche Cayenne wallpapers#Ferrari812 #dodge #Toyota #audi #AudiRS3

Mercedes A Class – Porsche supercar background – Lamborghini supercar wallpaper hd

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is a subcompact executive car (subcompact in its first two generations) produced by the German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. The first generation (W168) was introduced in 1997, the second generation model (W169) appeared in late 2004 and the third generation model (W176) was launched in 2012. The fourth generation model (W177), which was launched in 2018, will mark the first time the A-Class is offered in the United States and Canada. This fourth generation A-Class will also be the first to be offered both as a hatchback (W177) and sedan (V177).

Originally produced only as a five-door hatchback in 1997, the second generation W169 introduced a three-door hatchback. In the markets where the A-Class is or has been sold, it has represented the entry level model for Mercedes-Benz. Having grown by 68 cm (27 in) since the original model, the 2012 third generation A-class was longer than the first-generation B-class. And although sometimes referred to by fans as the ‘Baby Benz’, Mercedes themselves actually use that moniker for the 1982 Mercedes 190 (W201), their first compact executive car model. mitsubish wallpapers, supercar wallpaper, volvo wallpapers, Mercedes A Class wallpapers, volvo wallpapers

(Ferrari F50)Chassis
Type: central carbon fiber tub, light-alloy suspension and engine-gearbox assembly mounting points co-polymerised to the chassis
Materials: carbon fiber, epoxy resin, Nomex honeycomb structure core, sandwich construction
Torsional stiffness: 34,570 N?m (25,500 lb?ft) per degree Ferrari F50 wallpapers#Nissan #porsche #AudiA6 #KoenigseggAgera #AudiRS3

Audi – cool Porsche background – lambo wallpaper hd

In 2003, two Bentley Speed 8s, with engines designed by Audi, and driven by Joest drivers loaned to the fellow Volkswagen Group company, competed in the GTP class, and finished the race in the top two positions, while the Champion Racing R8 finished third overall, and first in the LMP900 class. Audi returned to the winner’s podium at the 2004 race, with the top three finishers all driving R8s: Audi Sport Japan Team Goh finished first, Audi Sport UK Veloqx second, and Champion Racing third. koenigsegg wallpapers, lambo wallpaper, bentley wallpapers, Audi wallpapers, rolls royce wallpapers

(Nissan Violet)U12 series (1989?1992)
In the 1990 model year the American version of the Stanza was replaced by a basic version of the Nissan Bluebird (U12), wearing Stanza badges. In Japan, the Stanza and Auster ranges were effectively replaced by the Nissan Primera for the 1990 model year.

The JDM Bluebird has the rear license plate higher between the tail lights, whereas the Stanza’s is mounted on the bumper. Nissan Violet wallpapers#nissan #AudiR8 #lamborghini #jeep #AudiRS3

Ford Touring cars – cool Porsche background – lamborghini wallpaper hd

Ford has campaigned touring cars such as the Focus, Falcon, and Contour/Mondeo and the Sierra Cosworth in many different series throughout the years. Notably, Mondeo drivers finished 1,2,3 in the 2000 British Touring Car Championship and Falcon drivers placed 1,2,3 in the 2005 V8 Supercar Championship Series. jeep wallpapers, lamborghini, lamborghini wallpapers, Ford wallpapers, lambo wallpapers

(Nissan Micra)In late 2000, the original facelift was replaced by a second version known as the K11C, While it still looked quite similar from the outside, the engines had been updated to run on the newer individual coilpack system (whereas the earlier models had been fitted with a distributor). As well as this, the secondary catalytic converter was removed and the primary catalytic converter (on the manifold) was enlarged. Other exterior changes included new lights on the bumper, an altered lower body, orange turn signals and minor changes to the interior. Further changes included a redesigned rear wiper which rested horizontally instead of vertically, and the centre high level brake lamp being reduced in size and mounted at the top of the rear window, instead of on the parcel shelf.

The 1.3l (1275CC) CG13DE engine offered in previous K11s were removed in the second facelift, and replaced by a 1348 cc “1.4” unit (CGA3DE). The 1.0l CG10DE remained in the second facelift models but had a slightly higher power output (60 hp (45 kW) compared to the earlier 53 hp (40 kW)) Nissan Micra wallpapers#LamborghiniUrus #KoenigseggRegera #Ferrari812 #PorscheCayman #AudiRS3

Audi S4 – Porsche cool backgrounds – new lamborghini wallpaper

In standard form, the powertrain detail of the C4-based S4 was available with only one engine, a single turbocharged and intercooled version of Audi’s 2.2-litre 20-valve inline five-cylinder engine This displaced 2,226 cubic centimetres (135.8 cu in) and was equipped with an advanced Bosch Motronic electronic engine control unit (ECU). This engine (parts code prefix: 034, identification code: AAN), developed a motive power output of 169 kilowatts (230 PS; 227 bhp) at 5,900 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 350 newton metres (258 lbf?ft) of torque 1,950 rpm. This powerplant made it rather powerful by contemporary standards, and the vehicle with five-speed manual transmission was able to accelerate from standstill to 100 kilometres per hour (62.1 mph) in 6.2 seconds.

Both five- and six-speed manual transmissions (parts code prefix: 01E, identification codes: five-speed: CBD, CET, six-speed: CBL, CMG) were offered to European customers, but a five-speed manual was the only transmission available in North America; a four-speed automatic transmission (parts code prefix: 01F, identification code: CBF) was available as an option worldwide. Front and rear axle final drive ratio is either 4.111 or 3.889 (dependent on transmission type), and the rear axle (parts code prefix: 017, identification codes: AAT, AET) uses a driver-selectable electro-pneumatic-mechanical switchable diff lock.

Audi’s quattro four-wheel-drive system was standard on the C4 S4/S6; a first-generation Torsen-based system which used the “T-1” automatically biasing centre differential (ATB) was used on vehicles equipped with manual transmissions, while a transfer box based system was used on vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission. mazda wallpapers, lamborghini wallpaper, bugatti wallpapers, Audi S4 wallpapers, toyota wallpapers

(Ferrari 328)The 308/328 family was, at the time, one of the most commercially successful for Ferrari with nearly 20,000 produced.

The very first developmental prototype for the 328 model was manufactured in the summer of 1984. Chassis number 49543 was certified, road-registered and extensively tested through the spring of 1985. Interestingly, the original prototype was manufactured as a full soft top cabriolet convertible.

The story is that while the technical departments were pleased with the performance of the prototype, the marketing influence feared that as a convertible, it would compete with the Mondial Cabriolet model. It was subsequently produced, like its predecessor, only in Berlinetta (GTB – coupe) and removable hard top Spyder (GTS – targa) variants. As of 2018, cabriolet chassis number 49543 was still in existence and registered for road use in Italy.

The last production year for the 328 GTB/GTS was September 1988 to Sept/Oct 1989 (model year 1989). 1338 total vehicles were manufactured that year. With Enzo Ferrari’s death in August 1988, many of these last cars were purchased either as a tribute or with speculation in mind. Decades later, it is still not unheard of to occasionally find a 328 for sale from the last production year that was never registered for road use. Ferrari 328 wallpapers#Lamborghini #MazdaRX8 #mercedes #LamborghiniVeneno #AudiRS3

BMW 8 Series – lambo aventador wallpaper – best blue Porsche wallpaper

The production model is based on the modular CLAR platform and has a design largely unchanged from the Concept 8 Series. The wheelbase of the Gran Coupe is 201 mm (7.9 in) longer than the coupe and convertible models.

The official kerb weight (measured using the EU methodology) for the 850i xDrive is 1,965 kg (4,332 lb) for the coupe version and 2,090 kg (4,608 lb) for the convertible version. The kerb weight for the 840d xDrive is 1,890 kg (4,167 lb) coupe version and 2,030 kg (4,475 lb) for the convertible version. chevrolet wallpapers, lambo aventador, maserati wallpapers, BMW 8 Series G15 wallpapers, lamborghini wallpapers

(Porsche 911)In August 1967, the A series went into production with dual brake circuits and widened (5.5J-15) wheels still fitted with Pirelli Cinturato 165HR15 CA67 tyres., and the previously standard gasoline-burning heater became optional. The Targa (meaning “plate” in Italian) version was introduced. The Targa had a stainless steel-clad roll bar, as automakers believed that proposed rollover safety requirements by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) would make it difficult for fully open convertibles to meet regulations for sale in the US, an important market for the 911. The name “Targa” came from the Targa Florio sports car road race in Sicily, Italy in which Porsche had several victories until 1973. The last win in the subsequently discontinued event was scored with a 911 Carrera RS against prototypes entered by Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. The road going Targa was equipped with a removable roof panel and a removable plastic rear window (although a fixed glass version was offered from 1968). Porsche 911 wallpapers#TeslaCyberTruck #mclaren #volvo #LamborghiniMurcielago #AudiRS3

Ford F Series – new Porsche car wallpapers – Lamborghini car wallpaper hd

From 2000 to 2011, the Harley-Davidson Edition was an option package available on the F-150. Primarily an appearance package featuring monochromatic black trim, from 2002 to 2003, the edition included a slightly detuned version of the supercharged 5.4L V8 engine from the SVT Lightning. In 2003, a 100th Anniversary Edition was produced for F-150 SuperCrew trucks. For 2004, the Harley-Davidson option package became available for F-250/F-350 Super Duty trucks. After 2008, the option package adopted many of the options featured from the Platinum trim level, featuring leather seating produced from materials reserved for Harley-Davidson biker jackets.

For 2012, the Harley-Davidson Edition was replaced by the Limited trim level, retaining a monochromatic exterior appearance (shifting past motorcycle-themed trim). mazda wallpapers, car wallpaper, lamborghini wallpapers, Ford F Series wallpapers, mazda wallpapers

(Toyota Land Cruiser)In 1998, a suspension system combining Active Height Control (AHC) and Skyhook TEMS Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension on the Land Cruiser J100 was introduced. Toyota Land Cruiser wallpapers#rollsroyce #Mustang #Mustang #pagani #AudiRS3

Mercedes Vito – red Porsche supercars background – cool Lamborghini supercars wallpaper

The Vito E-Cell is a long van, with a distance of 3.2 meters between the axes, so that there is enough space for the batteries. With this aim of saving space, only the front-drive version is offered, unlike in the previous model, so a long development was needed, although some suspension components of the AWD (all-wheel drive) version were used. The vehicle has a payload capacity of 900 kg (1,984 lb), and a permissible total weight of three tons (3.050 kg, exactly).
The car does not show external changes with the other versions (except for the decoration): the body has not been modified, both the double side door and the helpful back ‘gate’ remain as before. The place for the refueling has also been used for the recharging connection. koenigsegg wallpapers, supercars, bugatti wallpapers, Mercedes Vito wallpapers, lotus wallpapers

(Nissan)In 1933, the company name was Nipponized to Jidosha-Seizo Co., Ltd. (Jidosha Seizo Kabushiki-Gaisha, “Automobile Manufacturing Share Company”) and was moved to Yokohama. Nissan wallpapers#BmwX5 #toyota #BmwX3 #mitsubishi #AudiRS3

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