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Ford F Series Vans – Lexus supercars wallpaper – Lamborghini wallpaper hd

From 1948 until 1960, the F-Series was produced in a panel van configuration; in contrast to General Motors, Ford never offered a passenger “carryall” variant (competing against the Chevrolet/GMC Suburban or the International Travelall). For 1961, the panel van was discontinued, largely replaced by the Econoline compact van.

From 1968 to the present day, the Econoline/Club Wagon/E-Series vans have shared a degree of mechanical commonality with the F-Series pickup trucks (during the 1970s, some body components were shared). While no longer produced for retail sale, the E-Series still shares its engines and transmission with the Ford Super Duty trucks. toyota wallpapers, supercars wallpaper, lamborghini wallpapers, Ford F Series wallpapers, koenigsegg wallpapers

(Toyota Highlander)Hybrid
The Kluger Hybrid features Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive which continues to allow an electric only powered mode for short distances and speeds. Weight and cost have been improved over the previous hybrid.

The expanded size and new features have led to an increase of 500 pounds to its curb weight. All Highlander Hybrids are all-wheel drive, and the EPA has rated the hybrid at 27 mpg-US (8.7 L/100 km; 32 mpg-imp) for the city and 25 mpg-US (9.4 L/100 km; 30 mpg-imp) for the highway, same as the previous model. The Highlander’s fuel economy, while better than the Lexus RX 400h’s, lags behind the compact 4cyl Ford Escape Hybrid, which ceased production in 2012, and the latest RX 450h, but still produces significantly fewer emissions than the non-hybrid version with a CARB SULEV rating. Toyota Highlander wallpapers#ChevroletCamaro #AudiRS4 #Pontiac #rollsroyce #AudiRS3


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