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BMW M3 Body styles – Lamborghini super car – Tesla car wallpapers

The first body style to be introduced was the coupe, which was previewed at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show and introduced in production form at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show on 12 September. The coupe version uses a carbon-fibre roof to reduce weight and lower the centre of gravity. In 2010, the coupe and convertible versions received a minor facelift, which included revised headlights, LED tail-lights and minor interior trim pieces.

The E93 convertible version was introduced shortly after the coupe and uses a power retractable hardtop. The leather seats in the convertible version are treated with a coating to reflect sunlight, in order to reduce their tendency to become uncomfortably hot with the top down.

A sedan version was introduced in 2008 and was only the second generation (along with the E36) of M3 to be produced in a 4-door body style. The sedan has the same drivetrain and similar external styling as the coupe, however the lack of a carbon-fibre roof contributes to a weight increase of 10 kg (22 lb) compared to an identically equipped coup?.

The official kerb weights for the 2008 models (with manual transmission) are 1,580 kg (3,483 lb) for the coupe, 1,605 kg (3,538 lb) for the sedan and 1,810 kg (3,990 lb) for the convertible mitsubish wallpapers, super car, dodge wallpapers, BMW M3 wallpapers, audi wallpapers

(Toyota Prius)First generation (XW10; 1997?2003)
NHW10 (1997?2000)
In 1995, Toyota debuted a hybrid concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show, with testing following a year later. The first Prius, model NHW10, went on sale on 10 December 1997. The first generation Prius (NHW10) was available only in Japan, though it has been imported privately to at least the United States, United Kingdom, Australia,[dubious ? discuss] and New Zealand. Toyota Prius wallpapers#Tesla #Jeep #pagani #PorschePanamera #AudiRS3


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