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Mercedes Vito – Viano – lamborghini wallpaper – blue Dodge Charger wallpaper

Changes to the Viano range include standard BlueEFFICIENCY technology, new interior trim materials, new ambient lighting system with dimmable individual LED reading lamps and fibre optic units, optional rear seat entertainment system, redesigned cockpit, new suspension with front and rear axles revised and specially tuned to match each specific model and EU 5 emission standards compliance.

The face lifted range included four and six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines rated at 100 kW (134 hp; 136 PS) to 190 kW (255 hp; 258 PS) (CDI 2.0, CDI 2.2, CDI 3.0, 3.5).

A four-wheel drive (4MATIC) is optional on models with 4-cylinder diesel engines. In normal operation the system transfers driving power in a 35:65 split between the front and rear axles. The 4MATIC system does not have mechanical differential locks, but an electronic traction system (4ETS). If one or more wheels loses traction on a slippery surface, the system applies brief pulses of brake pressure to the spinning wheels thus increasing torque to wheels with good grip. Vehicles with four-wheel drive have a higher ride height, which increases approach, departure and breakover angles (20?/28?/19? respectively, versus 14?/22?/14? in conventional rear-wheel-drive models). The all-wheel drive adds 80 kg (176 lb) to the total weight of the vehicle. dodge wallpapers, lamborghini wallpaper, lexus wallpapers, Mercedes Vito wallpapers, audi wallpapers

(Nissan Micra)Starting from 2007, Nissan began selling the K12 in Australia. Imported from Japan, all were five-door hatchbacks, with the 1.4-litre petrol engine and automatic transmission. The only factory option was the City Collection pack, which included an upgraded six-disc sound system, six-spoke alloy wheels, and side and curtain airbags. The Australian specification adopted the Japanese facelift, with indicators integrated into the headlamps.

In 2009, it was reported that a total of 31,600 units were sold in Japan and nearly 122,000 worldwide. Nissan Micra wallpapers#mitsubishi #Jeep #Nissan350Z #subaru #AudiRS3


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