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BMW 8 Series – lambo veneno wallpaper – disco volante backgrounds

Design work of the first generation E31 8 Series began in 1984, with final design phase and production development starting in 1986. The car debuted at the 1989 Frankfurt Motor Show, and was produced until 1999. The 8 Series was designed to move beyond the market of the original E24 6 Series, featuring greater performance and an increased price. The 8 Series was the first road car to offer a V12 engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and was one of the first vehicles to be fitted with electronic drive-by-wire throttle. The 8 Series was also among one of BMW’s first cars to use a multi-link rear axle. mazda wallpapers, lambo veneno, mercedes wallpapers, BMW 8 Series wallpapers, maserati wallpapers

(Mazda RX-8)NR-A
Mazda introduced the NR-A kit for the RX-8 Type S in January 2004 approved by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF). The NR-A kit, sold through Mazda Anfini and other dealers throughout Japan, brings the RX-8 up to specification in terms of eligibility for participation in the one-make Party Race sanctioned by JAF. The kit includes a roll bar, sports radiator, oil-cooler kit, tow hooks, and racing brake pads. Mazda RX-8 wallpapers#Lamborghini #PorschePanamera #bmw #AstonMartin #AudiRS3


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