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BMW 3 Series E36 – best Mercedes G super car wallpaper

Development of the E36 began in 1981 and the exterior design was heavily influenced by aerodynamics, specifically the overall wedge shape, headlight covers and smaller wing mirrors. The lead designers were Pinky Lai and Boyke Boyer.

The production version of the E36 was launched in October 1990, with press release in November and market launch in early 1991.

The bodystyles of the range are:

4-door sedan/saloon, made from 1990 to 1998.
2-door coup?, made from 1990 to 1999.
2-door convertible, made from 1993 to 1999. A 4-door Baur “Top Cabriolet” conversion was also available.
5-door wagon/estate (marketed as “Touring”), made from 1994 to 1999.
3-door hatchback (see BMW 3 Series Compact), made from 1994 to 2000. porsche wallpapers, super car, subaru wallpapers, BMW 3 Series E36 wallpapers, bugatti wallpapers

(Toyota Land Cruiser)2002 ? HDJ79 was introduced to Australia with the 1HD-FTE 4.2 L six-cylinder 24-valve turbodiesel EFI engine.
2007 ? Toyota’s first turbodiesel V8 engine, the 1VD-FTV was introduced in some countries for the 70 Series Land Cruiser. Other modifications include the addition of a 4-door medium-wheel-base model (the 76) and an updated front-end on all models.
2012 ? the 79 Double Cab pickup was introduced in the South African markets (with the 4.2 L Diesel or 4.0 L Petrol engines) and in the Australian market (with 4.5 L V8 Diesel engine).
2014 to 2015 ? the 30th Anniversary Series 70 sold in Japan as a 4-door wagon or 4-door pickup with the 1GR-FE V6 petrol engine and 5 speed manual transmission.
The Sixth and Seventh generations of the Land Cruiser are still being produced and sold in African and Latin American regions. Production of the Land Cruiser in Venezuela ended in 2008.

The 70 series is also still marketed in Australia as 4-door wagon, 2-door ‘Troop Carrier’, 2 door cab-chassis and 4 door cab-chassis.

The 70 series is also still being marketed in the Middle East as a 2 door and 4 door version as an SUV, and a 2 door and 4 door version as a pickup, and it is very popular there along with the regular Land Cruiser. Toyota Land Cruiser wallpapers#ford #Lotus #DodgeChallenger #MazdaRX8 #AudiRS3


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