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BMW 6 Series E24 Motorsport – new BMW wallpapers – best hd Lamborghini wallpapers

Achievements in championships and series:

European Touring Car Championship; 3 titles (1981, 1983 and 1986)
Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft; 1 title (1984)
Belgian Touring Car Championship (Group N); 1 title (1984)
Australian Touring Car Championship; 1 title (1985)
Australian Endurance Championship; 2 titles (1985 and 1986)
Australian Manufacturers’ Championship; 1 title (1985)
AMSCAR Series; 1 title (1985)
European Hill Climb Championship; 1 title (1985)
New Zealand Touring Car Championship; 2 titles (1985 and 1987)
New Zealand Benson & Hedges Saloon Car Series; 1 title (1985)
Nissan-Mobil 500 Series (New Zealand); 1 title (1985)
Japanese Touring Car Championship; 1 titles (1985)
Race wins:

RAC Tourist Trophy; 2 wins (1980 and 1984)
4h/500 km of Monza; 3 wins (1980, 1981 and 1983)
Guia Race; 1 win (1983)
Spa 24 Hours; 3 wins (1983, 1985 and 1986)
24 Hours N?rburgring; 2 wins (1984 and 1985)
Sandown 500; 1 win (1985) bugatti wallpapers, lamborghini, koenigsegg wallpapers, BMW 6 Series E24 wallpapers, mitsubish wallpapers

(Nissan Skyline)ALSID-1 Deluxe
The ALSID-1 Deluxe featured a different grille compared to the standard model. The large center bar was absent and instead a pair of fog lights are mounted just inside of the front turn signals. Between the fog lights “PRINCE” is spelled out in individual gold letters. A painted side strip, surrounded by a chrome strip ran horizontally the length of the car, widening from front to back. On this side strip was the side badge, which said “Skyline Deluxe”.

The Skyline also spawned the ALPE double cab pickup truck and the ALVE delivery van, both marketed as the Skyway. Nissan Skyline wallpapers#LamborghiniDiablo #Porsche918 #maserati #subaru #AudiRS3


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