Audi A7 Mid-2014 facelift – Lambo Veneno – blue BMW sportscar background

Audi unveiled the 2015 A7 facelift in May 2014. Changes include:

Styling tweaks to the car’s exterior, engine line-up, transmission
Latest Multi Media Interface modular infotainment platform (faster Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, improved graphics) including handwriting recognition.
Audi connect telematics with 4G mobile internet (and mobile updates for the navigation map)
Adaptive glare-free Matrix LED headlights.
Improved Night Vision Assistant can now recognize animals.
Both TFSI and all three TDI engines now meet the Euro 6 emission standard. lamborghini wallpapers, lambo veneno, ferrari wallpapers, Audi A7 wallpapers, jeep wallpapers

(Toyota Land Cruiser)For the first two years, manufacture was exclusively to order and in small volumes. In 1953, however, regular production of the “Toyota Jeep BJ” began at the Toyota Honsya Plant (rolling chassis assembly). The body assembly and painting was done at Arakawa Bankin Kogyo KK, later known as ARACO (now an affiliate of Toyota Auto Body Company). The “Toyota Jeep BJ” Series was introduced in the following variants:
BJ-T (Touring),
BJ-R (Radio),
BJ-J (Cowl-chassis for a fire-engine). Toyota Land Cruiser wallpapers#Nissan350Z #RangeRover #lexus #Pontiac #AudiRS3

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