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BMW M3 GTR- Germany – Lamborghini and Mclaren backgrounds

The E36 M3 GTR is the road-going version of the competition machine built to compete in the 1994 ADAC German GT Cup Touring Car series.

Production of the E36 M3 began in September 1992 and was discontinued in August 1999.

The majority of cars were produced at the BMW Regensburg factory in Germany; however, a small number of low compression right hand drive cars were assembled at BMW’s plant in Rosslyn, South Africa. In total, 46,525 coup?s, 12,114 convertibles and 12,603 sedans were produced. The sedan ceased production in December 1997, the coup? ceased production in late 1998, and the convertible ceased production in December 1999. lambo wallpapers, lamborghini, ferrari wallpapers, BMW M3 wallpapers, rolls royce wallpapers

(Mitsubishi)Mitsubishi is also the most successful manufacturer in the history of the Dakar Rally. MMC’s maiden entry was in 1983 with their new Pajero, and it took only three attempts to find a winning formula. Since then, they have won in 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998, and between 2001 and 2007, an unprecedented seven consecutive victories and twelfth overall with nine different drivers. They also won the 2003 FIA Cross-Country Rally World Cup, along with Carlos Sousa. Mitsubishi wallpapers#AudiQ7 #PorscheCayman #lamborghini #BMW #AudiRS3


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