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Mercedes Ponton – cool Bmw car wallpaper

The Mercedes-Benz “Ponton” series are a range of sedans / saloon car models from Daimler-Benz, introduced starting in 1953, and nicknamed ‘Ponton’ (the German word for “pontoon”), referring to the slab-sided, three-box, overall shape of the cars ? a postwar car design innovation, also generally known as ponton styling. More profound than the visual changes, the Ponton models’ construction introduced innovations that fundamentally improved automotive safety for passengers through better crash protection. Mercedes-Benz stretched the ‘Ponton’ saloons into a range that became the automaker’s bulk production models until 1959, and the base Ponton is generally considered as the beginning of the lineage of the Mercedes E-class range.

The 1953 Mercedes-Benz W120, marketed as 180, four-cylinder sedans were Mercedes’ second totally new series of passenger cars since World War II, following the 1951 introduction of the top of the range W186 Type 300 ?Adenauer?, and replaced the pre-war-designed Type 170 and Type 170 S. Contrasting very visibly with the traditional distinct fenders on that body-on-frame model and the ones before it, the ‘Pontons’ were Mercedes’ first monocoque, unitary body production models.

Mercedes expanded the base Ponton model into a diversified line-up, developing multiple series based on the 180, by introducing more engines and stretching the body. Six-cylinder models received a longer nose, and ‘S’-models also a longer passenger compartment, offering more legroom. A six-cylinder coupe and convertible were further derived, and a shortened floorpan of the four-cylinder sedan was also modified to serve as the structure for the Mercedes-Benz 190 SL roadster. mitsubish wallpapers, car wallpaper, audi wallpapers, Mercedes Ponton wallpapers, jeep wallpapers

(Nissan Silvia)S13 Silvias were initially powered by the CA18DE and CA18DET engines carried over from the end of S12 production, with an intercooler added to the CA18DET for a slight increase in stability and power. In mid-1990, (for the 1991 model year) the SR20DE and SR20DET engines debuted, offering improvements across the board in power and torque due to increased displacement and a more efficient turbocharger than was offered on the previous cars. One of the other simple changes that were made between the CA generation and the SR generation was the switch to a single colour paint job, instead of the two-tone colour sets that were previously offered. On top of this, the SR motor later debuted another variant of the platform known simply as the “blacktop”. Identifiable by its black and silver rocker-cover (as opposed to the traditional red/silver cover), it featured a number of minor changes, resulting in a little performance gain. It is vastly different from the more powerful “notch top” used in the S14 and S15 variants. Nissan Silvia wallpapers#Lotus #Lambo #DodgeCharger #FordGT #AudiRS3


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