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BMW 3 Series Six-cylinder diesel – supercar wallpaper

In 1983 the 324td was unveiled at the IAA, Germany. The M21 engine used a Garrett turbocharger (without an intercooler). The engine has a capacity of 2,443 cc (149 cu in) and uses mechanical fuel injection.

In 1985 BMW introduced the 324d, a naturally aspirated version of the same M21 engine, which was popular in countries with a high motor vehicle tax.

In 1987 an electronically controlled fuel pump was used which increased the torque output by 10 N?m (7 lb?ft). The updated engine has a smaller turbocharger, decreasing turbo lag. porsche wallpapers, supercar wallpaper, mazda wallpapers, BMW 3 Series wallpapers, lotus wallpapers

(Nissan)Austin Motor Company relations (1937?1960s)
From 1934 Datsun began to build Austin 7s under licence. This operation became the greatest success of Austin’s overseas licensing of its Seven and marked the beginning of Datsun’s international success. Nissan wallpapers#LamborghiniUrus #Mclaren #Nissan #KoenigseggAgera #AudiRS3


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