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Lamborghini Countach QVX – black modified Lamborghini car wallpapers

(Lamborghini Countach) Countach QVX
The Countach QVX was a short-lived Group C sports racing car built in 1985. It was not built or designed by the Lamborghini factory, but instead used a Spice Engineering and CC engineering built chassis and an engine derived from the Lamborghini Countach’s V12 having a displacement of 5.7-litre. This engine was reported to generate a maximum power output between 485?522 kW (659?710 PS; 650?700 hp) depending on track conditions and utilised a Hewland VG-C racing transmission. The engine was built under the direction of Luigi Marmiroli and used data derived from Lamborghini’s marine engines. Lamborghini’s British importer David Jolliffe commissioned the car. The car was entered in the 1985 season of LeMans but didn’t have any success despite keeping up with the winning Jaguar. It was entered again in the 1986 season by its sponsor, Unipart but the funding soon ran out and the car was pulled out of competition. gallardo wallpaper, car wallpaper, super car, Lamborghini Countach wallpapers, lamborghini

(Lamborghini Murcielago)Murci?lago is the Spanish word for bat. In the Castilian Spanish spoken in most of Spain the word is pronounced, with a voiceless dental fricative (as in English thing). However, the Italian automaker often uses the Southern Spanish and Latin American Spanish pronunciation, with an [s] sound. Many people in Italy pronounce it, as if it were an Italian word. Lamborghini Murcielago wallpapers#gallardo #LamboMurcielago #LamborghiniDiablo #lamborghini #gallardo


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