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Lamborghini Espada – best Lamborghini Veneno wallpapers

The Spanish name “Espada” means “sword”, referring to the sword that the torero uses to kill the bull in the corrida.

During its ten years in production the car underwent some changes, and three different series were produced. These were the S1 (1968?1970), the S2 (1970?1972) and the S3 (1972?1978). Each model featured interior redesigns, while only minor details were changed on the exterior. huracan lamborghini, lambo wallpaper, lamborghini veneno, Lamborghini Espada wallpapers, car backgrounds

(Lamborghini Reventon)The Lamborghini Revent?n is a mid-engine sports car that debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. Its top speed was recorded while testing in the UAE at 221 miles per hour (355.7 km/h). The official press release stated that only 20 vehicles would be sold to the public, with one additional car (marked as 00/20) produced for the Lamborghini museum. Each car is stamped with its number in the sequence of 35 between the driver’s and passenger’s seats.

While the exterior is new, almost all the mechanical elements, including the engine, are sourced directly from the Murci?lago LP640. According to the official press release, the Revent?n’s exterior styling was inspired by “the fastest airplanes”. Lamborghini Reventon wallpapers#LamborghiniDiablo #LamboGallardo #Cars #gallardo #gallardo


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