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Ford F-150 Electric Pickup – trending lamborghini wallpaper – cool red Pagani wallpaper

At the 2019 Detroit Auto Show in January 2019, Ford announced the intention to produce an F-150 Electric Pickup, a fully-electric light pickup. Prototype test mules on an existing F-150 chassis were tested during 2019, including a record-setting demonstration test tow of 1,250,000 pounds (570,000 kg). The truck is not expected to reach production untilContinue reading “Ford F-150 Electric Pickup – trending lamborghini wallpaper – cool red Pagani wallpaper”

Ferrari F40 Performance – supercars wallpaper – Lamborghini backgrounds

(Ford) In 2005, Ford announced a goal to make 250,000 hybrids a year by 2010, but by mid-2006 announced that it would not meet that goal, due to excessively high costs and the lack of sufficient supplies of the hybrid-electric batteries and drivetrain system components. Instead, Ford has committed to accelerating development of next-generation hybrid-electricContinue reading “Ferrari F40 Performance – supercars wallpaper – Lamborghini backgrounds”

BMW M3 E30 generation – white Porsche cars – lamborghini wallpaper

The first BMW M3 was based on the E30 3 Series and was produced from March 1986 to June 1991. The majority of E30 M3s were produced in the coupe body style, but limited volumes of convertibles were also produced. The E30 M3 differed from the regular E30 models in several areas. The same basicContinue reading “BMW M3 E30 generation – white Porsche cars – lamborghini wallpaper”

BMW 5 Series E28 Engines – Lamborghini – Rolls Royce wallpaper

The E28 was the first 5 Series produced with diesel engines (the 524d and 524td models) and with a petrol engined model specifically aimed at increased fuel economy (525e/528e model). The four models available at the launch of the E28 were the 518, 520i, 525i and 528i, with the 518 using a straight-four petrol engineContinue reading “BMW 5 Series E28 Engines – Lamborghini – Rolls Royce wallpaper”

BMW 4 Series F32 – yellow Mercedes super car wallpaper

The first generation of the BMW 4 Series consists of the BMW F32 (coup? version), BMW F33 (convertible version) and BMW F36 (four-door coup? version, marketed as ‘Gran Coup?’) sports cars. The F32/F33/F36 has been produced since 2014 and is often collectively referred to as the F32. The F32 was introduced as the successor toContinue reading “BMW 4 Series F32 – yellow Mercedes super car wallpaper”

Mercedes-AMG GT-R – new car wallpapers hd

The GT R is a high-performance variant of the Mercedes-AMG GT and was introduced at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 24 June 2016. The M178 engine in this variant is tuned to an output of 430 kW (585 PS; 577 hp) at 6,250 rpm and 700 N?m (516 lb?ft) of torque at 5,500 rpm.Continue reading “Mercedes-AMG GT-R – new car wallpapers hd”