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BMW M3 – Lamborghini supercar wallpaper – best Buick wallpapers

In the United States, the E46 M3 competed in the 2000 American Le Mans Series GT category and finished third in the championship. However, the straight-six engine was viewed as uncompetitive compared to the Porsche 996 GT3, therefore BMW began to develop a new M3 racing car based around a more powerful engine. The resulting E46 GTR racing car was introduced in February 2001 and was powered by a 330 kW (443 hp) version of the P60B40 3,997 cc (4.0 L) V8 engine. With a more powerful engine than the straight-six powered M3 versions (which were outpaced by the competition), the GTR won the 2001 American Le Mans Series GT category, driven by J?rg M?ller.

However, the eligibility of the GTR was the subject of controversy, with some rival teams believing that the GTR was an in-house prototype vehicle rather than production model available for purchase by the general public. The ALMS homologation rules for 2001 required the M3 GTR road car to be sold on at least two continents within twelve months of the rules being issued, which BMW claimed to fulfill by stating that 10 GTR road cars were available for sale. The ALMS rules were altered for 2002, now requiring that 100 cars and 1,000 engines must be built for the car to qualify without penalties. The GTR road car was never intended for production on this scale, so BMW withdrew the GTR from competition at this point.

In 2003, the M3 GTR returned to competition at the 24 Hours N?rburgring, with two cars run by Schnitzer Motorsport. The GTR won the 24 Hours N?rburgring in 2004 and 2005,) and competed in the 24 Hours Spa. nissan wallpapers, supercar wallpaper, bentley wallpapers, BMW M3 wallpapers, rolls royce wallpapers

(Toyota Supra)The new engine used in the A70 Supra, the Toyota 7M-GE, was the flagship engine of Toyota’s arsenal. Both versions of the engine contained 4 valves per cylinder and dual overhead cams. The turbocharged 7M-GTE engine was Toyota’s first distributor-less engine offered in the US which used coil packs sitting on the cam covers and a cam position sensor driven by the exhaust camshaft. It was equipped with a CT26 turbocharger and was rated at 172 kW (231 hp; 234 PS) at 5,600 rpm while the naturally aspirated 7M-GE engine was rated at 149 kW (200 hp; 203 PS) at 6,000 rpm. Further refinement on the turbo model increased power to 173 kW (232 hp; 235 PS) at 5,600 rpm and 254 lb?ft (344 N?m) of torque at 3,200 rpm in 1989. This was mostly due to a redesign of the wastegate. All models used the same tyre size of 225/50R16 on 16×7 inch wheels. Spare tyres were full-sized but on steel wheels.

The naturally aspirated model came standard with the W58 manual transmission. The turbocharged models included the more robust R154 manual transmission. Both were available with the optional 4-speed A340E automatic transmission. Toyota Supra wallpapers#pagani #ChevroletCamaro #Nissan370Z #Lambo #AudiRS3


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