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BMW 7 Series E65 – best Pagani super car – Lambo super car wallpaper

Under the direction of Chris Bangle, BMW’s Design Chief at the time, the BMW E65 7 Series heralded a new styling era for BMW.

BMW’s board of directors were keen to move the company’s image into the future, and the initial styling sketches from 1998 by Adrian van Hooydonk were of a fastback body style – even more radical than the eventual production model. The controversial “flame surfacing” design greatly contrasted the conservative lines of its E38 predecessor. The rear end styling was nicknamed “Bangle Butt” by critics, due to the elongated rear bootlid.

Dimensionally the E65 7 Series is 45 mm (1.8 in) longer, 38 mm (1.5 in) wider and 60 mm (2.4 in) taller than the E38. The wheelbase is 2,990 mm (117.7 in), an increase of 60 mm (2.4 in) over the outgoing model. Despite these increased dimensions, the E65 7 Series is only 15 kg (33 lb) heavier than the E38. porsche wallpapers, super car, bentley wallpapers, BMW 7 Series E65 wallpapers, mazda wallpapers

(Toyota Hilux)Seventh generation (AN10, AN20, AN30; 2004?2015)
The seventh generation of the Hilux (designated the AN10/AN20/AN30), part of the IMV program, started production in Thailand during August 2004. Three pickup truck body variants were initially produced: a two-door Single Cab (referred to by Toyota as IMV1), a two-door Xtra Cab (IMV2), and four-door Double Cab (IMV3). In September 2008, Toyota introduced the Smart Cab, a four-door with hidden rear suicide doors. The IMV program also spawned the Toyota Innova (AN40) minivan (IMV4) and Toyota Fortuner (AN50/AN60) SUV (IMV5). The similar Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, introduced in February 2004 for the 2005 model year, is based on the 4Runner chassis, while the AN10/AN20/AN30 Hilux is based on an revamped version of the ladder frame found on previous versions. The Hilux increased in size and then became classified as a mid-size pickup truck. Toyota Hilux wallpapers#mercedes #FordMustang #Porsche918 #DodgeChallenger #AudiRS3


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