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BMW 5 Series E28 – best Maserati wallpapers – supercars wallpaper for Lamborghini

The E28 has a self-supporting body that is welded to the body platform. The passenger cell is a safety passenger cell with deformation elements both in the front and rear of the vehicle. Unlike its E12 predecessor and E34 successor, the E28 has a rear-hinged bonnet. The boot has a volume of 460 L (122 US gal). Most models have a fuel tank capacity of 70 L (18 US gal), with some models having a smaller tank of 63 litres (17 US gal). The kerb weight is 1,140?1,410 kg (2,513?3,109 lb).

Cruise control, an ‘on-board computer’ (to display trip information) and a “check control” function (to alert the driver about fluid levels, lighting faults and brake pad wear) were introduced to the 5 Series on the E28. The glazing is made of single-pane safety glass, the windscreen has laminated glass. As part of developing the air-conditioning system for the E28, several of the BMW engineers in charge of this program drove a previous generation E12 5 Series during the middle of summer in Texas. The E12 528i was painted black with a black interior, and driven 500 mi (805 km) in one day.

The styling was developed under BMW’s chief designer Claus Luthe, with development of the E28 beginning in 1975. buick wallpapers, supercars, pagani wallpapers, BMW 5 Series E28 wallpapers, tesla wallpapers

(Nissan Primera)In the end of 1990, Nissan replaced the United Kingdom’s Bluebird with the slightly smaller Primera. It had a conventional front wheel drive chassis and five speed manual gearbox, with some versions getting the option of a four speed automatic.

Power came from 1.6 litre carbureted and 1.8 litre and 2.0 litre injection petrol engines; a 2.0 litre diesel followed from 1992 onwards, a 1.6 litre injection gasoline was introduced at the end of 1993. The 1.8 was originally a single point injection model (SR18Di); a multi point injection with more power was added in 1991. Nissan Primera wallpapers#dodge #bentley #Volvo #Mitsubishi #AudiRS3


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