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Nissan Violet – racing supercars – Lamborghini supercars

(Audi S4) B5 suspension, brakes, wheels & tires
The B5 S4 is fitted with 4-wheel independent suspension. The front suspension is a multi-link design with four individual control arms per wheel. The rear suspension is an unequal length double wishbone design; the lower control arms are mounted to a subframe which also carries the differential housing. Shock absorbers, coil springs, and anti-roll bars are fitted front and rear. koenigsegg wallpapers, supercars, nissan wallpapers, Audi S4 wallpapers, toyota wallpapers

(Nissan Violet)The five-door liftback Stanza was marketed as the “Stanza Resort” in the Japanese domestic market, and given the chassis model code T10. The five-door bodywork only became available in the Auster and Violet versions as of April 1980, meaning that they were only built for fourteen months as the car was replaced by the T11 generation in June 1981. The A10/A11 wagon was not replaced in 1981, with the all-new Nissan Prairie or Nissan Vanette instead filling its place for cargo carrying duties in the Japanese market. Nissan Violet wallpapers#Mclaren #AudiQ7 #BmwX3 #LamborghiniDiablo #AudiRS3


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