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BMW 5 Series E28 528i – best super car wallpaper – lambo veneno wallpapers

Initially the highest specification available, the 6-cylinder 528i became a mid-range model following the release of the 533i and 535i models. Factory performance figures for the manual transmission cars are a top speed of 215 km/h (134 mph) and 0?100 km/h acceleration in 8.4 seconds. buick wallpapers, lambo veneno, dodge wallpapers, BMW 5 Series E28 wallpapers, nissan wallpapers

(Nissan Silvia)S10
The S10 was the first mass-produced Silvia built on the all-new S platform, intended as Nissan’s compact, rear-wheel-drive, sporty car platform. Japanese versions were exclusive to Nissan Japanese dealerships called Nissan Prince Store along with the larger C110 Skyline.

The S10 featured less “traditional” lines than similar offerings from rivals Toyota and Mazda sharing a common appearance with the larger Skyline. In Japan it was fitted with a 1.8 L L18 inline-4 engine, which it shared with the Datsun 610/Bluebird 180B. The Japanese version featured Nissan NAPS emission control technology at its introduction. In the North American market a version incorporating the larger-displacement 2.0 L L20B was offered as the 200B of the same series Bluebird and Skyline. This model in North America was affixed with the mandated 5 mph (8.0 km/h) bumpers and badged as the Datsun 200SX. The S10 Silvia and Datsun 200SX were based on the Datsun Sunny Coupe. Its success in both markets was limited, most buyers opting for the Celica over what was considered the more mundane S-Chassis. The car had the same drivetrain as the popular 510, but with leaf springs fitted at the rear, rather than the 510’s independent suspension. Nissan Silvia wallpapers#AudiTT #Lambo #FerrariFF #ChevroletCamaro #AudiRS3


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