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BMW 5 Series E28 – best Alfa Romeo background – lamborghini wallpaper

BMW offered the E28 with both manual and automatic gearboxes. The torque is transmitted from the engine with a single-disc dry clutch with a torsional damper in the models with a manual gearbox, the automatic models have a torque converter with built in lockup-clutch.

Manual transmissions
The 4-speed manual transmissions are:

Getrag 242 (for M10 and M20 engine models)
Getrag 262 (M30 engines)
The 5-speed manual transmissions are:

Getrag 240 (M10 and M21 engines)
Getrag 245 (M10 engines)
Getrag 260 (M20, M21 and M30 engines)
Getrag 265 (M30 engines and 525e/528e)
Getrag 280 (M88/3 and S38 engines)
ZF S5-16 (M20 engines)
Automatic transmissions
The 3-speed automatic transmissions are:

ZF 3HP22 (M20 and M30 engines, US market only)
The 4-speed automatic transmissions are:

ZF 4HP22 (M10, M20, M21)
ZF 4HP22 EH (M20, M30) dodge wallpapers, lamborghini, lambo wallpapers, BMW 5 Series E28 wallpapers, dodge wallpapers

(Nissan Leaf)Motorsport
An Electric Production Class was formed for the 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and Chad Hord raced a Leaf in the event. The off-road racing driver ascended the 19.99 km (12.42 miles) course in 14 minutes and 33 seconds to win the class. The interior of the car was removed and replaced with mandatory racing seats, safety harness, and a roll cage. Nissan Leaf wallpapers#Pagani #LamborghiniMiura #Toyota #Koenigsegg #AudiRS3


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