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Nissan President Production ending announcement – Lamborghini supercars wallpaper

(BMW 1 Series) The F40 1 Series is available in Advantage, Luxury, Sport, and M Sport trim. Sport and Luxury models feature an M Sport Steering wheel, while M Sport models feature sport seats and M exterior styling. European models feature collision detection and lane departure warning with intervention as standard. rolls royce wallpapers, supercars wallpaper, chevrolet wallpapers, BMW 1 Series wallpapers, lexus wallpapers

(Nissan President)Production ending announcement
In August 2010, Nissan announced that it had stopped the production of both the Nissan Cima and President, which share the same chassis. The two models needed safety upgrades to comply with the latest safety regulations, but lackluster sales showed that the company would not be able to recoup costs. As there was no platform successor to Cima/President, the Nissan Fuga became the flagship for Nissan. Starting in 2012, the Cima name was revived as a stretched Fuga, resuming the market segment formerly held by the President, thereby continuing to offer an alternative to the modern Toyota Crown Majesta premium level limousine made in Japan.

Since its debut in 1965, 56,000 units of the Nissan President have been sold, 63 units were sold in fiscal 2009. Nissan President wallpapers#Toyota #Ferrari612 #FordRaptor #rollsroyce #AudiRS3


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