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BMW 5 Series E28 520i – Maserati supercars – lamborghini wallpaper

A mid-range model with the smallest of the available six-cylinder engines. Factory performance figures for the manual transmission cars are a top speed of 190 km/h (118 mph) and 0?100 km/h acceleration in 11.4 seconds. pagani wallpapers, lamborghini wallpaper, mitsubish wallpapers, BMW 5 Series E28 wallpapers, rolls royce wallpapers

(Toyota Land Cruiser)In the Middle East, the Land Cruiser 200 series was introduced in late 2007 as a 2008 model, for 2008 to 2010 there was three engine choices:
179 kW (243 PS; 240 hp) 4.0L 1GR-FE petrol engine
202 kW (275 PS; 271 hp) 2UZ-FE petrol engine
220?235 PS; 217?232 hp (162?173 kW) 1VD-FTV 4.5 L turbo diesel engine
Starting in 2011, the 270 kW (367 PS; 362 hp) 3UR-FE engine was offered alongside with the previous engines. For 2012, the 1GR-FE gained dual VVT-i and power was increased to 202 kW (275 PS; 271 hp), the 4.7 L 2UZ-FE was dropped in favour of the new 227 kW (309 PS; 304 hp) 4.6 L 1UR-FE, and the 5.7 L and 4.5 L diesel were unchanged, although the latter was dropped in some markets. Toyota Land Cruiser wallpapers#jeep #rollsroyce #AudiTT #dodge #AudiRS3


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