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Mercedes Vito – lamborghini wallpaper – Mercedes Sls Amg wallpapers

The Vito E-Cell is a long van, with a distance of 3.2 meters between the axes, so that there is enough space for the batteries. With this aim of saving space, only the front-drive version is offered, unlike in the previous model, so a long development was needed, although some suspension components of the AWD (all-wheel drive) version were used. The vehicle has a payload capacity of 900 kg (1,984 lb), and a permissible total weight of three tons (3.050 kg, exactly).
The car does not show external changes with the other versions (except for the decoration): the body has not been modified, both the double side door and the helpful back ‘gate’ remain as before. The place for the refueling has also been used for the recharging connection. ford wallpapers, lamborghini wallpaper, aston martin wallpapers, Mercedes Vito wallpapers, subaru wallpapers

(Nissan Pulsar)The N10 series Datsun Pulsar was exported to Australia (from October 1980 and facelift in October 1981), New Zealand (facelift model locally assembled from late 1981, effectively replacing the previous generation 100A built and sold locally in the mid-1970s), South Africa (locally assembled) and Malaysia with the Datsun Pulsar name. This model was known as the Datsun Cherry or Datsun 100A/120A/130A/140A/150A in Europe and Asia and the Datsun 310 in the US and Canada. Nissan Pulsar wallpapers#NissanGTR #AstonMartin #lamborghini #mazda #AudiRS3


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