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Mercedes SLK Class Second generation – yellow Ferrari supercars wallpaper

The R171 SLK was unveiled at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show. It features increased use of high-strength steel, and improvements to the car’s torsional strength and aerodynamic efficiency. Models feature a more compact, revised roof mechanism that is operated in 22 seconds (previously 25 seconds), resulting in an increase in boot capacity by 63 liters (2.2 cu ft). The R171 also introduced the Airscarf system that integrates neck-level heating system into the headrests of the car. The front-end design of the car was inspired by the noses found in Formula One cars. It was facelifted in 2008 and featured new engines and minor exterior design changes. lamborghini wallpapers, supercars, rolls royce wallpapers, Mercedes SLK Class wallpapers, volvo wallpapers

(Pagani)Huayra Roadster
After 2 years of development, the Huayra Roadster was officially unveiled in the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

The design of the car has undergone several changes, with the most noticeable being the rear, with new eyelid-like fixed flaps that continue with the design and eventually end on the rear lights along with the inclusion of vents on the rear engine cover for efficient cooling of the engine, the wheels which are new and are specifically constructed for the car along with Pirelli P-Zero tires, and the addition of a spoiler at the front. The car also uses conventional doors instead of the Gull-wing doors used in the coup? as such doors cannot be fitted to an open top car. The car utilises the same twin-turbo V12 engine as the coup? but the power is now uprated and is 764 PS (562 kW; 754 hp) at 6,200 rpm and 1,000 N?m (740 lb?ft) of torque at 2,400 rpm. The power is delivered to the rear wheels via an all-new Xtrac 7-speed sequential manual transmission which is 40% lighter than its coup? counterpart. The car is constructed by an all-new material developed by Pagani called ‘carbon triax’, which is a combination of tri-axis fibre glass with carbon fibre due to which the roadster weighs 70 kg (154 lb) less than its coup? counterpart, for a total of 1,280 kg (2,820 lb), making it the first roadster lighter than the coup?. Only 100 will be made, all of which have already been sold.

Pagani says that the car can accelerate at 1.8 G. Pagani wallpapers#ChevroletCamaro #maserati #ford #maserati #AudiRS3


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