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BMW 5 Series E28 – Luxury Rolls Royce – Lamborghini wallpaper

BMW offered the E28 with both manual and automatic gearboxes. The torque is transmitted from the engine with a single-disc dry clutch with a torsional damper in the models with a manual gearbox, the automatic models have a torque converter with built in lockup-clutch.

Manual transmissions
The 4-speed manual transmissions are:

Getrag 242 (for M10 and M20 engine models)
Getrag 262 (M30 engines)
The 5-speed manual transmissions are:

Getrag 240 (M10 and M21 engines)
Getrag 245 (M10 engines)
Getrag 260 (M20, M21 and M30 engines)
Getrag 265 (M30 engines and 525e/528e)
Getrag 280 (M88/3 and S38 engines)
ZF S5-16 (M20 engines)
Automatic transmissions
The 3-speed automatic transmissions are:

ZF 3HP22 (M20 and M30 engines, US market only)
The 4-speed automatic transmissions are:

ZF 4HP22 (M10, M20, M21)
ZF 4HP22 EH (M20, M30) mazda wallpapers, lamborghini wallpaper, tesla wallpapers, BMW 5 Series E28 wallpapers, mazda wallpapers

(Nissan Almera)In the UK, the Almera was originally marketed by Nissan as “the car they don’t want you to drive”. Almost all Almeras sold in the United Kingdom were hatchbacks with three or five doors in contrast to regions such as Ireland, where the saloon version is substantially more commonplace. The level of specification was good, with all models getting power steering, driver airbag, electric mirrors and stereo as standard. Throughout the life of the Almera, many ‘special editions’ models were available but most of them didn’t feature anything above other models. Nissan Almera wallpapers#LamborghiniMiura #BmwX2 #FerrariFF #AudiA5 #AudiRS3


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