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Audi A8 Fourth generation – Jaguar background – Lambo wallpaper

A8, A8 L (2017?)
The design of the A8 and A8 L was based on the Audi Prologue concept. Changes include buttons being replaced by a touch screen, and self-parking.

One new feature outside of the United States is Traffic Jam Pilot, consisting of level 3 autonomous driving at speeds up to 60 km/h (37 mph) when on a divided highway. Audi had planned to also include Traffic Jam Pilot in cars delivered to the U.S. starting in 2019, but cancelled those plans due to autonomous driving having a complicated legal, infrastructure and consumer environment in the U.S.

The vehicle was unveiled at the Audi Summit in Barcelona on July 11, 2017, followed by the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The petrol engine will be a 3.0 L TFSI V6 with 340 PS (250 kW; 340 hp). The 4.0 L TFSI V8 with 460 PS (338 kW; 454 hp) and the 6.0 L TFSI W12 from the Bentley Bentayga, detuned to 585 PS (430 kW; 577 hp) will be available only as dealer orders in Europe (not available directly from Audi’s websites). Diesel engines will be a 3.0 L TDI V6 with 286 PS (210 kW; 282 hp) and lifted from Audi SQ7 and Bentley Bentayga Diesel, the 4.0 L TDI V8 with 435 PS (320 kW; 429 hp). Like the previous generation, all cars will feature all-wheel drive and an 8-speed Tiptronic automatic.

It went on sale in November 2017, while pre-orders began on October 5, 2017. Early variants included 55 TFSI (3.0 TFSI) quattro, 50 TDI (3.0 TDI) quattro. koenigsegg wallpapers, lambo wallpaper, lambo wallpapers, Audi A8 wallpapers, mclaren wallpapers

(Porsche 959)Group B / Paris?Dakar Rally
The 959 was originally meant for Group B racing but development time took longer than expected. The first development race cars, essentially modified 911 Carrera models with all-wheel-drive system known internally as the 953, were entered in the 1984 Paris-Dakar Rally, finishing 1st (Ren? Metge), 6th (Jacky Ickx) and 25th. These cars tested the all-wheel-drive system to be used in the 959. Unlike the World Rally Championship the Dakar didn’t require a minimum number of cars built for homologation. In 1985, three cars were entered in the Dakar rally with the proposed 959 body and the rest of the systems but they still used the engine of the 953 rally cars. These cars didn’t finish (only one due to mechnical failure however). Afterwards Porsche fitted the cars with twin-turbochargers. Two cars started at the Rallye des Pharaons in October 1985. One of them caught fire, while Saeed Al-Hajri and John Spiller achieved a commanding victory with their 959. At the 1986 Paris-Dakar Rally the 959 finished 1st (Ren? Metge), 2nd (Jacky Ickx) and 6th.

By the time the 959 was ready for production and homologation in 1987, the Group B programme was cancelled altogether a year prior thus ending Porsche’s participation in Group B. Porsche 959 wallpapers#Porsche997 #BmwM3 #Nissan370Z #Porsche918 #AudiRS3


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