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Nissan 370Z Fairlady Z Roadster 40th Anniversary – Lamborghini – best Bugatti backgrounds

(Mercedes Ponton) The first of the ‘Ponton’ models to go into production was the 1953 Mercedes-Benz W120, 1.8 L (110 cu in) four-cylinder, four-door sedan, available as the 180 petrol and the 180D diesel. In 1954 the Mercedes-Benz W180 six-cylinder executive / luxury model 220a was added, developed mostly by stretching the W120’s body by 170 mm (6.7 in), complemented by a new rear suspension. 100 mm (3.9 in) was needed to fit the longer straight six engine block, and 70 mm (2.8 in) longer rear doors benefited legroom in the passenger cabin. In 1956, the six-cylinder model was expanded into an entire range. The 220a was upgraded to become the 220S. A third saloon series, the Mercedes-Benz W105 was created by grafting the six-cylinder nose onto the shorter center and rear body of the four-cylinder. Fitted with a detuned version of the straight-six, it was sold as the model 219. Additionally, new two-door coupe and convertible bodies were offered for the 220S, on a shortened wheelbase.

In 1956, the four-cylinder model also received an all new, short-stroke 1.9 L (120 cu in) petrol engine option, the 190 (or W121 internally), and in 1957, the old 1.8 litre in the 180 was replaced by a detuned version of the 1.9 litre. In 1958, the base range was further completed by also offering a 1.9 litre diesel.

In 1958, the 220S models were upgraded with fuel injection, and became the Mercedes-Benz W128, or 220SE series. The models 180(D) and 190(D) received further updates in 1959 and 1961. mitsubish wallpapers, lamborghini, tesla wallpapers, Mercedes Ponton wallpapers, mclaren wallpapers

(Nissan 370Z)Fairlady Z Roadster, Fairlady Z 40th Anniversary (2009-)
Sales of the Japanese model of the 370Z Roadster began on October 15, 2009.

The Fairlady Z 40th Anniversary is a limited version of the Fairlady Z coupe Version ST for the Japanese market. It was built to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original Fairlady Z. It includes:
A choice of a 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic transmission
Real Leather/Suede-like Fabric Combination Seat specifically made for the 40th Anniversary model & Door trim (color: red)
Memorial engraving on the seat back. (“40th Anniversary”)
Real leather-covered steering (with red stitches)
Real leather-covered shift knob
Console boot (with red stitches)
Instrument panel upper box (with red stitches)
Kneepads in the driver and passenger seats (with red stitches)
Special emblem (in the rear) for the 40th Anniversary model
RAYS special aluminium forging wheels for the 40th Anniversary model (dark chrome color coating)
Special SPORT Brake Calipers for the 40th Anniversary model. (color: red)
body colour: Metal Gray (Multi flex color) (Special color for the 40th Anniversary model), Premium Deep Maroon (P), Brilliant White Pearl (3P), Brade Silver (M), Diamond Black (P), Vibrant Red (C) Nissan 370Z wallpapers#Bugatti #LamborghiniMiura #Bentley #LamborghiniDiablo #AudiRS3


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