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BMW 8 Series Second generation – blue Ferrari supercar wallpaper

The BMW 8 Series (G14) was announced on June 15, 2018 with sales commencing from November 2018. It was initially available as a coup? (codenamed G15), with the convertible (G14) and four-door Gran Coup? (G16) variants introduced later, succeeding the F06/F12/F13 6 Series lineup. Production commenced in late 2018 at the BMW assembly plant in Dingolfing, Germany.

Direct competitors to the BMW 8 Series coup? and convertible are the Mercedes-Benz S-Class coup? & cabriolet, while the BMW 8 Series Gran Coup? is seen as a flashier alternative to its platform-mate, the more traditional BMW 7 Series, and is expected to compete with the rumored next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class four-door coup?. audi wallpapers, supercar wallpaper, subaru wallpapers, BMW 8 Series wallpapers, porsche wallpapers

(Nissan Skyline)S57
In August 1967 Prince released an upmarket version of the S50D-3 called the S57. It used a new engine of Prince’s (designed before the merger with Nissan), the OHC 1.5 L (1,483 cc) G15. At 88 PS (65 kW; 87 hp), it was the most-powerful engine in the Japanese 1,500 cc class. The S57D was identical to the S50D-3 except for a “88” badge in the grille (for 88 PS) and an “OHC” badge above the right side reversing light. Nissan Skyline wallpapers#Porsche919 #FerrariF12 #AudiA6 #maserati #AudiRS3


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