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Audi RS4 Other B8 notable features – new Jaguar car wallpaper

Amongst the options available for the B8 RS 4, are ceramic brakes, allowing the car to perform heavy braking without having brake fade.

A sports pack was available which included Sports exhaust identifiable by black exhaust tips in the rear bumper, Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) suspension. The Sports pack also came with the 20″ rotor design wheels as standard.

The sports exhaust, DRC suspension setting, steering, engine response, engine mapping and exhaust note are all adjustable using the ‘Drive Select’ feature which is a button on either the centre console or through the MMI display interface. Settings that can be selected are Comfort, Auto, Dynamic or Individual with the Individual setting allowing the driver to select any of comfort, auto or dynamic for a number of handling and performance options.

A Sound pack was also an option, the main feature being that of the Bang and Olufsen speaker system, uprated from the standard Audi sound system. The Bang & Olufsen system include 14 speakers and sub-woofers producing 500W.

A total of 7000 units of the Audi B8 RS 4 were built. lotus wallpapers, car wallpaper, mazda wallpapers, Audi RS4 wallpapers, mitsubish wallpapers

(Nissan 350Z)The NISMO 350Z went on sale in the USA in July 2007 at Nissan dealers. 1607 were produced for the 2007 and 2008 model years, and it was assumed that if there was a greater demand, more would be produced, limited to 10% of all 350Z sales. The NISMO model 350Z had a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $38,070 for the 2007 model year. Nissan 350Z wallpapers#Nissan350Z #LamborghiniAventador #BmwX2 #AudiR8 #AudiRS3


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