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BMW 5 Series F10 – Lambo Aventador – best Mercedes supertsport car wallpaper

The sedan was the second body style to be launched. It was unveiled at the Munich Olympic Stadium in 2009. toyota wallpapers, lambo aventador, mercedes wallpapers, BMW 5 Series F10 wallpapers, mclaren wallpapers

(Ferrari FXX)FXX Evoluzione
The Ferrari FXX program continued until 2009. The car continued to be improved under the Evoluzione kit, which continually adjusts specifics to generate more power and quicker gear changes, along with reducing the car’s aerodynamic drag. The V12 engine under the Evoluzione kit generates 860 PS (633 kW; 848 hp) at 9,500 rpm and enables the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.5 seconds. Certain changes were made to the gearbox in order to reduce the shift time to 60 milliseconds per shift, a reduction of 20 milliseconds over the original FXX. The car also underwent aerodynamic changes and improvements to the traction control system were made in order to make the car more responsive around the track. Ferrari FXX wallpapers#ferrari #BmwX5 #mclaren #audi #AudiRS3


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