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Lamborghini- Branded merchandise – blue Lamborghini wallpaper

Lamborghini licenses its brand to manufacturers that produce a variety of Lamborghini-branded consumer goods including scale models, clothing, accessories, bags, electronics and laptop computers. lamborghini wallpaper, lamborghini wallpaper, huracan wallpaper, Lamborghini wallpapers, aventador

(Lamborghini Diablo)Keeping the suggestions in consideration, the car was heavily redesigned in 1999 and special attention was given to shorten the air intakes. The car was to be unveiled to the public at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show with plans of putting it into production but the car did not receive Pi?ch’s approval, primarily due to his continuing dissatisfaction with the design along with the use of the Diablo’s running gear and the project was shelved. Lamborghini Diablo wallpapers#huracan #LamborghiniVeneno #urus #CarWallpapers #gallardo


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