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Lamborghini Countach – Countach LP400 S Series – yellow Lambo supercar wallpaper

Series One: 50 were produced. The final chassis number of this series was 1121100. Series I cars can be identified by distinctive Campagnolo “Bravo” wheels with protruding hole edges, 45 mm (1.8 in) carburetors and a lowered suspension ride height (leading to the common nickname “lowbody”). Early series one cars used small Stewart-Warner dashboard gauges, which were changed to larger versions halfway through 1979. The very early 1978 cars had the original, unpadded LP400 steering wheel, while later cars used a different, padded style.
Series Two: 105 were produced. The final chassis number of this series was 1121310. Series II cars can be identified by their smooth, concave wheels and lowered (“lowbody”) suspension ride height.
Series Three: 82 were produced. The first chassis number of this series was 1121312 and the final chassis number was 1121468. Series III cars can be identified by their increased suspension ride height compared to series I and II cars. The usable interior space was also increased by 3 cm (1.2 in). aventador lamborghini, lamborghini, gallardo, Lamborghini Countach wallpapers, car wallpaper

(Lamborghini Gallardo)LP 560-4 Macau GP (2013)
The Gallardo LP 560-4 Macau GP is a limited (3 units) version of the Gallardo LP 560-4 Coup? for the Taiwan market, commemorating Hanss Lin (#38) of the Taiwan-based Gama Racing Team taking 2nd place in the Macau race of the 2013 Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia series. Changes include the Gallardo Super Trofeo parts (front/rear bumpers, adjustable rear wing and diffuser, front skirt, detachable carbon fibre engine cover), orange body colour, hexagon ’63’ decal and tricolore stripes throughout the whole vehicle.

The vehicle was unveiled at the Lamborghini Taipei event between 26 December 2013 and 30 December 2013, and went on sale for $16 million NTD. Lamborghini Gallardo wallpapers#aventador #LamborghiniUrus #LamborghiniVeneno #LamborghiniVeneno #gallardo


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