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Lamborghini Gallardo LP Superleggera – best Lamborghini gallardo wallpapers

(Lamborghini Miura) P400
The earliest model of the Miura was known as the P400 (for Posteriore 4 litri). It was powered by a version of the 3.9 L Lamborghini V12 engine used in the 400GT at the time. The engine was mounted transversely and produced 350 PS (257 kW; 345 hp). Exactly 275 P400 were produced between 1966 and 1969 ? a success for Lamborghini despite its then-steep price of US$20,000 (equivalent to $157,600 in 2019).

Taking a cue from the Morris Mini, Lamborghini formed the engine and gearbox in one casting. Its shared lubrication continued until the last 96 SVs, when the case was split to allow the correct oils to be used for each element.

An unconfirmed claim holds the first 125 Miuras were built of 0.9 mm steel and are therefore lighter than later cars. All cars had steel frames and doors, with aluminum front and rear skinned body sections. When leaving the factory they were originally fitted with Pirelli Cinturato 205VR15 tyres (CN72). lambo aventador, lambo wallpaper, urus lamborghini, Lamborghini Miura wallpapers, lambo veneno wallpaper

(Lamborghini Gallardo)LP 570-4 Superleggera Nero Nemesis (2010?2013)
The LP 570-4 Superleggera Nero Nemesis (???????) is a version of the LP 570-4 Superleggera for the Taiwan market, with matte black body colour, matte black interior upholstery, silver interior stitching, 4-point seat belt.

The vehicle was available for sale from 2010 to 2013. Lamborghini Gallardo wallpapers#gallardo #gallardo #LamboUrus #aventador #gallardo


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