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Ford F Series F-150 – Mercedes concept car wallpapers

Introduced for 2009, Platinum is a luxury-oriented trim of the Ford F-150. Effectively replacing the Lincoln Mark LT in the United States and Canada (though its production continued through 2014 in Mexico), the Platinum adopted many of the luxury features and content from the Mark LT with more subdued exterior styling (the Platinum was fitted with an eggcrate grille similar to early models of the Ford Expedition).

In 2013, Ford began use of the Platinum trim for Super Duty trucks, from the F-250 to the F-450 pickup trucks. Until 2016, the Platinum trim was an add-on package to a Super Duty that was ordered as a Lariat. 2017 saw the Platinum become a separate trim level. mazda wallpapers, car wallpaper, lexus wallpapers, Ford F Series wallpapers, koenigsegg wallpapers

(Porsche 911)996 GT3 (1999?2004)
Porsche introduced a road legal GT3 version of the 996 series which was derived from the company’s racing car used in the GT3 class racing. Simply called GT3, the car featured lightweight materials including thinner windows and deletion of the rear seats. The GT3 was a lighter and more focused design with the emphasis on handling and performance, a concept that dates back to the 1973 Carrera RS. The suspension ride height was lowered and tuned for responsiveness over compliance and comfort. These revisions improved handling and steering. Of more significance was the engine used in the GT3. Instead of using a version of the water-cooled units found in other 996 models, the naturally aspirated engine was derived from the 911 GT1 ’98 sports-prototype racing car and featured lightweight materials which enabled the engine to have higher rpm.

The engine used was a naturally aspirated 3,600 cc (3.6 L) flat-six rather than the engine from the pre-facelift and revised Carrera. It is rated at 365 PS (268 kW; 360 hp) at first and later improved to 386 PS (284 kW; 381 hp) at the end of the 996 series’ revision. Porsche 911 wallpapers#MazdaRX7 #TeslaCyberTruck #KoenigseggAgera #LamborghiniVeneno #AudiRS3


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