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Ferrari Testarossa Spider – Ferrari Wallpapers

The Testarossa Spider, serial number 62897, is the sole official convertible variant of the Testarossa commissioned in 1986 by the then Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli to commemorate his 20 years of chairmanship of the company. The Testarossa Spider had an Argento Nurburgring exterior, a white magnolia leather interior with a dark blue stripe running above the matte black sills, and a white electronically operated soft top that could be manually stowed away. The vehicle was delivered to Agnelli in four months, and had a solid silver Ferrari logo on the hood instead of an aluminium one. The silver theme refers to elemental silver’s periodic table abbreviation, Ag, the first two letters of Agnelli’s name.

Despite many requests from interested customers for a Testarossa Spider, Ferrari refused to produce the car as a regular production variant of the Testarossa on the grounds of spatial and structural challenges that would be difficult to resolve, and so Pininfarina and other after market firms such as Pavesi, Lorentz and Rankel and Koenig Specials offered unofficial Spider conversions on special consumer requests. The official Spider was no different mechanically than the normal Testarossa available in the European market. It had a standard 4.9 L flat-12 engine with a power output of 291 kW (396 PS; 390 hp), though the top speed was reduced because of the excessive weight arising due to the reinforced chassis. The only differences, other than being a convertible, were that the Spider’s front window and door windows were both shorter than those of the normal car and the spider had a special transmission manufactured by Valeo installed which is convertible to both automatic and the standard 5-speed manual versions with the push of a button, a technology ahead of its time. The transmission was installed on special request of Agnelli as he suffered from a chronic leg injury.

A red Testarossa Spider was famously featured in SEGA’s best-selling arcade and home-console video-game franchise Out Run.

The original car owned by Agnelli’s family friend was auctioned off in 2016 at a price of US$1 million. lamborghini wallpapers, ferrari, lambo wallpapers, Ferrari Testarossa wallpapers, maserati wallpapers

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