Orange Mclaren Wallpapers – Mercedes W136

The first two years’ production had the Mercedes star mounted directly on the grille, the radiator cap was mounted beneath the bonnet. In 1937 the grille was changed and the star now sat atop the radiator cap. The pre-war production of W136 cars and light commercials was around 90,000; production ended in 1942 as all efforts were directed towards the war. Already in 1939 a wood gas-powered model called the 170 VG was presented as the result of petrol becoming largely unavailable for civilian purposes. The generator was mounted on the rear, meaning that the spare wheel had to be relocated to the roof. Thus equipped, the engine produced only 22 PS (16 kW) at 3200 rpm, enough for a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). Mercedes-Benz also made the gas generator available as a kit for installation on existing automobiles.

As well as cars for private use, Mercedes-Benz also developed a few special models. There was the 1935 170 VG, an all-wheel-drive staff vehicle (K?belwagen) with the internal model code W133 III. 62 were ordered for tests but it lost out to Stoewer’s competing design for a light Einheits-PKW and none more were made. In 1936 here was also the four-wheel-steered (and four-wheel-drive) 170 VL (W139) on a shortened chassis. Again, the Wehrmacht opted out and only 42 were built. In 1937 Mercedes-Benz tried a third time and developed the G5 (W152). Developed from the 170 VL and fitted with the larger engine also used in the 200 V (see below) this was also not picked up by the German armed forces. Mercedes-Benz presented it at the 1938 British International Motor Show instead, offering it with no doors, with half doors, or with full doors. 378 examples were built from 1938 until 1941; nearly all were exported. toyota wallpapers, mclaren, ferrari wallpapers, Mercedes W136 wallpapers, lotus wallpapers

(Toyota Camry)Prestige
Compared to the international version with a less conservative design (styled by Hiroyuki Metsugi, approved 1999), the Asian “prestige” Camry had a different distinctive design with more chrome, larger head lamps and tail lamps and a general greater emphasis on its width. Toyota Camry wallpapers#Nissan370Z #lexus #mitsubishi #FordRanger #AudiRS3

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