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BMW X3 Series- BMW iX3 – Mercedes car wallpaper

A battery-electric version with a WLTP-rated 400 km (249 mile) range is expected to be released in 2020. The BMW iX3 is the third model of the electric BMW i sub-brand and the first i model based on an existing car. The iX3 produces over 270 hp and has a battery capacity of over 70Continue reading “BMW X3 Series- BMW iX3 – Mercedes car wallpaper”

BMW 3 Series F30 Development and launch – popular Lamborghini wallpapers

The exterior designer for the F30 sedan was Christopher Weil and exterior designer for the F31 Touring was Michael de Bono. The F30 was unveiled in Munich on 14 October 2011 and the launch event was held on 11 February 2012 dodge wallpapers, lamborghini, lotus wallpapers, BMW 3 Series F30 wallpapers, ford wallpapers (Toyota)1960s?1970sBy theContinue reading “BMW 3 Series F30 Development and launch – popular Lamborghini wallpapers”

BMW 5 Series F10 – Acura Nsx car wallpapers

The 5 Series GT was introduced as the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show and the production version was unveiled at the 2009 International Motor Show Germany in Frankfurt and sales began in the fourth quarter of 2009. In most countries the 5 Series GT was sold alongside previousContinue reading “BMW 5 Series F10 – Acura Nsx car wallpapers”

BMW 7 Series First generation – red Bmw wallpapers

The E23 is the first generation 7 Series, and was produced from 1977 to 1987. It was built in a 4-door sedan body style with 6-cylinder engines, to replace the E3 sedans. From 1983 to 1987, a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine was available. The E23 introduced many electronic features for the first time in a BMW,Continue reading “BMW 7 Series First generation – red Bmw wallpapers”

Ford F Series

Fourth generation (1961?1966)Ford introduced a dramatically new style of pickup in 1961 with the fourth generation F-Series. Longer and lower than its predecessors, these trucks had increased dimensions and new engine and gearbox choices. Additionally, the 1961?1963 models offered an optional unibody design with the cab and bed integrated. The traditional separate cab/bed was offeredContinue reading “Ford F Series”